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In publication 9 the Homer"s Odyssey , Odysseus and also his guys make landfall on an island inhabited by the Kyklopês, a savage one-eyed giants who resides in a cave. Odysseus bring away a small reconnaissance party to the island"s internal to check out whether lock can source help or supplies. Lock discover...

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In book 9 the Homer"s Odyssey, Odysseus and also his men make landfall on one island lived in by the Kyklopês, a savage one-eyed giants who lives in a cave. Odysseus bring away a tiny reconnaissance party to the island"s interior to check out whether lock can resource help or supplies. They find the cave of Polyphêmos, i m sorry is complete of cheeses, milk, and lambs. The men are dazzling to have uncovered such a cache, and they desire to take it what they can carry and also put back out come sea prior to the giant returns home:

My guys came pressing round me, pleading: "Why nottake these cheeses, obtain them stowed, come back, throw open all the pens, and make a run for it? We’ll journey the kids and lambs aboard. Us say put out again on good salt water!"

Odysseus is curious, however, and insists on continuing to be to watch the giant. Polyphêmos returns in the evening and also rolls a huge rock across the mouth the the cave, impede everyone within it. Once Odysseus introduces himself, the asks Polyphêmos come respect the sacred regulations of hospitality, however Polyphêmos just laughs and also says the Kyklopês respect nothing. He then proceeds come eat some of Odysseus"s men. In the morning, he eats some more men and goes the end to pasture his sheep, blocking the remaining guys in the cave again. Odysseus think up a cunning escape plan, and that night once the giant returns, he gets Polyphêmos drunk and stabs the in the eye, blinding him.

The guys escape ago to their ships, through the gigantic lurching after ~ them. Together they"re pulling far from the shore, Odysseus, giddy through a mixture of anger and also relief, yells out:

O Kyklops! would you feast on my companions?Puny, am I, in a Caveman’s hands? just how do you like the beating the we gave you, girlfriend damned cannibal? Eater of guest under her roof! Zeus and the gods have paid you!

He is furious in ~ the lose of his men and also at the horrendous breach that hospitality the large commits. It is essential to understand right here that in lot of the old world, hospitality was a sacred duty, and failing to abide through its rules was taboo. Odysseus is same horrified through the giant"s crime of eating his men and by the truth that he did once Odysseus had declared the guest-right the him.

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Polyphêmos lobs boulders in the direction that Odysseus"s voice, and also Odysseus"s crew room terrified that they might yet dice at the giant"s hands. Odysseus is high on adrenaline, though, proud that his escape setup worked and also enraged the he required an escape plan at all. His crew beg the to prevent shouting in ~ Polyphêmos, but:

I would certainly not heed castle in mine glorying spirit,but let mine anger flare and yelled: "Kyklops, if ever mortal man inquire just how you were put to shame and also blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laërtês’ son, who home’s top top Ithaka!"

Polyphêmos curses Odysseus and prays come his father, Poseidon, to ruin the man and also his crew. In consequence, Odysseus safety the next ten year trying to with home, all due to the fact that of one moment of imprudence.