In Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, there"s 3 different starter Pokemon. There"s Bulbasaur, Squirtle and also Charmander. Each starters represent a difficulty. Bulbasaur"s basically easy mode due to the fact that it has benefit over the first 3 gyms. Squirtle"s medium mode because it has actually an advantage to the first gym. Charmander"s considered hard mode because the first 2 gyms have an advantage over the Pokemon. Here"s part tips to make the early game less complicated with the starter Pokemon, Charmander.

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1 Have some back-up Pokemon

It"s finest to have some other Pokemon simply in case you require them. Because that the very first gym, i beg your pardon is a Rock form gym, it"s finest to have actually a fighting type Pokemon choose Mankey. Train it till it learns low Kick or train it till you reached level 10. Because that the second gym, which is a Water type gym, it"s finest to have actually a Grass type or an Electric kind Pokemon. Grass and Electric kind Pokemon have actually an benefit over Water form Pokemon. For a Grass kind Pokemon, there"s Oddish/Bellsprout relying on the version you"re playing. It"s finest to train Oddish/Bellsprout to level 20 or up. Evolving her Grass kind Pokemon would additionally be a great option. Because that an Electric kind Pokemon, there"s Pikachu. Pikachu has actually Electric type moves, therefore it have the right to take down Water types quite quickly if you"re at a high enough level. It"s best to train her Pikachu until it to learn Thunderbolt which is in ~ level 26. It"s no recommended to usage Charmander because that the very first 2 gyms.

Pokemon choose Mankey have the right to be of help. That is a fighting kind Pokemon i beg your pardon is super effective on rock type. Pikachu is my go to Pokemon for the second gym. (I personally don"t think Oddish is a an excellent Pokemon)

2 Make her Charmander find out Metal Claw

Metal Claw"s a quite powerful move that deserve to make a kind amount of damage to rock types. Since the first gym"s a Rock form gym, it"s ideal to do Charmander find out the move metal Claw. Steel type moves are solid against Rock type Pokemon. Charmander will find out that relocate at level 13. It generally takes 3 hits of metal Claw to take under Geodude and 4-5 hits to take down Onix. Sometimes, the move steel Claw have the right to make her Charmander raise her attack.

Metal claw isn"t challenging to learn and comes sensibly early. It additionally gives variation to your Charmander, because you space a teaching a fire Pokemon a steel move

This is a great idea.

3 Have a lot of Potions in her bag

To take it on the an initial gym, it"s ideal to have a most Potions in her bag. The encourage quantity should be 5 and up. Onix will use the relocate Rock tomb to knock her Charmander down. If that"s the case, usage a many Potions and also use the relocate Growl to stop Onix from knocking your Charmander as well fast. Growl helps reducing the toughness of strike moves. To take it on the second gym, it"s ideal to have actually at least 10 super Potions due to the fact that Water form Pokemon are strong against Fire kind Pokemon.

4 Evolve your Charmander before taking on the an initial gym

If you don"t want to acquire some other Pokemon to take it on the first gym, evolve her Charmander. Evolving your Charmander into a Charmeleon will immediately make her Pokemon stronger and also it have the right to take more damage. It will evolve in ~ level 16.

Good idea. Charmeleon is pretty strong.

5 Make your Charmeleon find out Flamethrower

Flamethrower"s a very solid move. If you"re at a high enough level, Flamethrower can conveniently knock under Water kind Pokemon also if they resist Fire kind moves. Together for Starmie, it"ll take like 2-3 hits to take it down. Charmeleon will discover that move at level 34.

6 Evolve her Charmeleon into a Charizard

Evolving your Charmeleon come a Charizard is likewise another great option to take on the second gym. Charizard have the right to learn Wing strike which is a quite powerful move to take on Pokemon that are approximately level 20-25. When your Charmeleon evolved into a Charizard, that will discover the move Wing Attack. Both of this things take place at level 36.

7 Use the best TM moves

If you have actually some kind TM moves, usage them. Lock can help you a little bit as well. Use the TM move Bullet seeds for your Oddish. It can somewhat help you.

8 Save her game prior to taking ~ above a gym

If you conserve your game before taking on a gym, you won"t lose any of her unsaved progress. If friend do lose the game, you can constantly restart your console and also continue from where you left off. Then, you have the right to take ~ above the gym till you victory for good.

9 Have a full team the 6 Pokemon

If you have actually a full team the 6, it"s gonna help you win. You have the right to have prefer 2-3 Pokemon that you deserve to use come stall your opponent"s team. It have the right to sometimes aid you use a bit much less Potions.

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10 Avoid having actually Pokemon the are reduced than level 10

It"s ideal to avoid having Pokemon the are lower than level 10. Most Pokemon that are reduced than level 10 space super weak and will definitely lose against a level 20 Pokemon. They usually gain knocked the end in one hit.