You know, I"ve regularly wondered this myself. I"ve had actually this thought about wooden bullets, yet they wouldn"t it is in heavy sufficient to it is in shot, so climate what a constant bullet coated in a thin layer the wood? however that"s not pure wood, so would certainly it work in the Buffyverse? an excellent question...

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Don"t think so.....In the show we"ve checked out Vampires dusted top top all types of wood objects, tree branches, damaged Pallets, damaged furniture, wooden crossbow bolts, etc. Kakistos was also staked through a wooden ceiling joist iirc. So ns think that just needs to be wood....of any kind of kind.Though a stake made of Balsa wood could be a negative idea........

You know, I"ve frequently wondered this myself. I"ve had actually this thought around wooden bullets, but they wouldn"t it is in heavy sufficient to be shot, so climate what a continuous bullet coated in a slim layer of wood? but that"s not pure wood, so would certainly it work in the Buffyverse? great question...
Well we recognize a pencil functions (I think the was willow that used a pencil) and that"s also not technically pure wood. So ns assume a lumber coated bullet would work.

I think that originally, in ancient vampire lore, the stake had to it is in a specific form of wood, and it was just a component of the process, however Hollywood streamlined it. If i recall properly, in Stoker"s "Dracula," the counting was beheaded, his mouth filled with garlic, and a wooden stake was thrust through his body into the soil below in order to save it from ever rising again, despite what damage a headless vampire could reason is beyond me. In "The home Of Frankenstein," just removing the stake from Dracula"s corpse would permit him to climb again. This days, anything from a pencil to a fence article will execute the task permanently, assuming the it"s genuine wood of any type of kind, and also it penetrates the heart. I guess they simply don"t do vampires prefer they provided to.
Riley used fake timber on Spike once. So clearly it has to be actual wood, yet it deserve to be anything the is actually wood. Once Dawn eliminated that azer varsity vampire that couldn"t kiss through a pencil I offered up questioning the reasonable behind wooden stakes.

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It goes back to the version of the vampire mythology that claims that Judas to be the original vampire, The Legend the Judas Iscariot – VampireSome time later, it was decided that the tool of Judas" death, the tree in which he hanged himself, could kill other vampires. I don"t recognize if it was originally just a piece of that particular tree, that specific form of tree, but now it"s normally agreed that any type of ol" wood will do the trick.Incidentally, ~ above the collection "Moonlight," i m sorry premiered the year ~ "Angel" to be cancelled, and also only lasted a single season, the wooden stake myth to be debunked in donate of silver, i beg your pardon wouldn"t kill the vampire, yet would just immobilize and also greatly weaken him. Beheading to be the only means to kill a vampire on the show.