Your teeth are an important to you due to the fact that they allow communication and chewing. However, throughout history, and also even now in some parts of the world, details teeth have had monetary value as currencies.

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Currency in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands, a string of end 900 islands, lies eastern of Papua brand-new Guinea and northeast that Australia in the Pacific Ocean. This nation’s main source of money is currently the Solomon archipelago dollar (SI$), but they have likewise accepted Australian dollars, lengthy strings of polished and also colored shells, and dolphin teeth as money.

Shell Money

Though shell money has decreased in usage across Asia, it remains vital part the the islanders cultural practices with bridal gifts and at funerals. The Solomon archipelago Women’s shell Money Association additionally creates jewelry from covering money come celebrate this long-standing tradition. Unfortunately, unlike the culturally distinctive shell money, the Solomon Islands’ other currency used in rural business isn’t so appeal to environmentalists.


Dolphin Teeth

Since the 1960s, hundreds of dolphins have been killed yearly in the Solomon islands to use their teeth as currency and also as adornment. In the midst of the worldwide Great Recession, when mainstream currencies like the dollar, yen, and also euro suffered losses, the dolphin tooth increased in value five-fold. Henry Sukufatu, a dolphin-hunter that the Solomon Islands, turns down money native conservationists because, “The white man’s money will end, but the dolphin teeth will always be there because that us.” back dolphins space not intimidated in this part of the world, over there is a an extremely real issue of the varieties being over-exploited.

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The worth of your Smile

Unfortunately, most varieties can’t protect their teeth like you can. And although her teeth room not used as currency in the united States, we watch the value of your smile at Toothology Dental. In our March blog post, we provided the links in between oral health and overall health; your smile can affect a hold of non-dental facets of her body. In his TED Talk, “The hidden Power of Smiling”, Ron Gutman outlines some of the strength of a smile; it can improve her mood, your health, and the method that you show up to others! our team has actually a vested attention helping you get the laugh of your desires so you have the right to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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