Kubota supervisor UDT2 is a multi-purpose all-weather hydraulic fluid.This product is especially recommended for use in the Kubota hydraulic, final drive, transmission, differential, and wet brake systems.

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For reliable, durable performance of her Kubota equipment, choose Kubota genuine Products.

Typical PropertiesSuper UDT2 Fluid
Gravity, degree API  34.5
-40º C, cP 
100º C, cSt
40º C, cSt
 Viscosity Index 199
 Pour Point, ºC max -42
 Zinc, % wt. 0.1122

Product CodesContainer sizes Available
 70000-40200 12/1 Quart
 70000-40201 4/1 Gallon
 70000-40202 2/2.5 Gallon
 70000-40205 5 Gallon Pail
 70000-40255 55 Gallon Drum
 70000-40233 325 Gallon Tote

Kubota UDT Fluid

Kubota UDT fluid is a multi-purpose, all-weather tractor hydraulic fluid specifically recommended because that the Kubota hydraulic, last drive, transmission, differential and also wet brake systems of tractors. This product supplies the complying with benefits come Kubota equipment:

Improves effectiveness in synchro- and also glide change transmissionsFully interchangeable through Super UDT2 fluidsProvides high power protection even at high operation temperaturesMeets Kubota"s stringent specificationsProduct CodesContainer size Available
70000-2000012/1 Quart
70000-200014/1 Gallon
70000-200022/2.5 Gallon
70000-200055 Gallon Pail
70000-2005555 Gallon Drum
70000-20033325 Gallon Tote

Kubota Excavator Hydraulic Oils

Kubota Excavator Hydraulic Oils room uniquely formulated and also designed to fulfill the stressful demands of Kubota’s Excavators. This product uses the adhering to benefits come Kubota equipment:

The high viscosity provides constant performance transparent the entire system, where temperatures might vary widelySuperior corrosion resistance keeps maker parts clean and free of corrosionExcellent anti-foaming properties guard against cavitation of pumps and also loss of hydraulic pressureBetter oxidation resistance fights sludge and also prolongs the fluid’s useful lifeCompatible with other hydraulic oils brands, so over there is no require to readjust the entire system to begin using the Kubota’s Hydraulic OilProvides high performance defense for your excavatorsMeets Kubota"s stringent specificationsProduct CodesContainer sizes Available
70000-687205 Gallon Pail the ISO VG32
70000-6874055 Gallon drum of ISO VG32
70000-687605 Gallon Pail the ISO VG46
70000-6878055 Gallon drum of ISO VG46


Engine Oil


Kubota hefty Duty Engine Oils room engineered to accomplish the many demanding lubrication demands of today"s naturally aspirated, turbocharged and also supercharged diesel fueled engines, including engines through cooled exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR). They space formulated with progressed additive technology, ( consisting of foam control and soot dispersancy additives.) The engine oils carry out and premium top quality base stocks to safeguard engines versus undesirable deposits, corrosion, deposits, oxidation, wear, and viscosity and thermal failure under severe business conditions. They meet the greatest API (American Petroleum Institute) service Categories for modern low emissions diesel engines. These oil can also be offered in transmission, hydraulic systems and also other industrial applications wherein the manufacturer recommends the use of an engine oil.


Typical Properties

Gravity, degree API29.531.129.7
-20 C, cP
6600- - - -- - - -
HTHS Viscosity, cP4.23.53.7
Borderline pump ViscosityPassPass- - - -
Pour Point, deg. C-27-33-24
Total base Number (D-2896)9107
Sulfated Ash, %110.8
Zinc, wt %



API CJ-4/CI-4/CI-4 Plus/CH-4/XX 
CUMMINS (CES 20081) X## 


*Meets requirements#Meets proposed Caterpillar ECF-1Specification demands ##Meets the engine performance demands of CES 20078

Product Codes and Container sizes Available

12/1 Quart70000-1000070000-1020070000-10100
4/1 Gallon70000-1000170000-1020170000-10101
2/2.5 Gallon70000-1000270000-10202Not Available
5 Gallon Pail70000-1000570000-10205Not Available
55 Gallon Drum70000-1005570000-1025570000-10155
325 Gallon Tote70000-1003370000-10233Not Available


Gear Oil


Kubota gear Oil

Kubota gear Oils space superior sulfur-phosphorus, extreme pressure gear lubricants formulated through premium top quality base stocks to satisfy the requirements for great performance. They space designed to carry out excellent fill carrying capacity, extreme pressure properties, anti-foam performance, demulsibility, corrosion protection, thermal stability protection and also service fill minimal slip capability. These commodities are encourage for traditional rear axles, minimal slip rear axles and transmissions inquiry EP equipment lubes under high speed, high load, high torque, and also high horsepower conditions. Kubota equipment Oils meet or exceed: Ford M2C108C; Mack GO-H, GO-H, & GO-J; Mil-L-2105E; API solutions GL-5, GL-4.

Typical Properties

SAE 80W-90SAE 85W-140 
Density (lbs/gal)7.497.53
Brookfield Vis., Cp117,000(-26C)100,000(-15C)
Pour Point, C-27-15



 SAE 80W-90SAE 85W-140


Product Codes and also Container Sizes easily accessible (SAE 80W-90)

12/1 Quart70000-10500
2/2.5 Gallon70000-10502


Kubota Excavator equipment Oil 90

Kubota Excavator gear Oil is formulated and also designed to accomplish the stressful requirements of Kubota’s Excavators. It was developed and also approved by Kubota Japan R&D. The high viscosity index allows use in a wide range of temperatures. The low to water point allows for short temperature operation, if the high flash suggest ensures operator safety. The Excavator gear Oil has superior anti-foam, anti-corrosion, and an excellent anti­oxidant performance.

Typical Properties
100° C
18.01 mm2/s
Viscosity Index99
Pour Point-24 C
Flash Point254 C
Foaming Seq.I0.0 ml
Foaming Seq.II0.0 ml
Copper Corrosion1a
Product Codes and also Container sizes Available
Excavator gear Oil 90/1 Qt.70000-68700




Kubota man-made Extreme Duty Grease

Designed for usage in agricultural, automotive, construction, industrial and also recreational applications.

Synthetic Food class NLGI 2, GCLB rated, extreme pressure grease with PTFE micro powders.

Corrosion security – impervious come salt waterLasts 3 times to four times much longer than petroleum-based productsWill no run or dripDoes no evaporateCompatible with most other greasesNSF Registered (H-1 for sure for incidental food contact) meets 1998 USDA guidelines – authorized for use in a commonwealth inspected beef or poultry processing facilityNon-toxic, clean, non-stainingOperating temperature selection -45°F come +450°F



Areas wherein a synthetic, non-toxic or food great grease is forced or desiredFood processing equipmentNear livestock, i.e. Gates, hinges, etc.Equipment provided in lawn care and agriculture applications close to sensitive vegetation (non-toxic)


Product Codes and also Container size Available
77700-0632114 oz.
77700-0632230 lb. Pail


Kubota Polyurea Multi-Purpose Grease

Designed for use in agricultural, automotive, construction, industrial and recreational applications.

Premium Polyurea thickened, NLGI 2, GC-LB rated extreme pressure grease.

Superior rust and also corrosion protectionExcellent resistance come water to wash outCompatible with most other greases (shear stable)Outstanding high temperature stability for long service lifeOperating temperature range -15°F come +380°F



Wet environmentsExtreme press applicationsGeneral function greaseElectric motors


Product Codes and also Container size Available
70000-1070114 oz.
70000-1073535 lb. Pail
70000-035233 oz. (Pack the 2)


Kubota Moly-Lithium All-Purpose heavy Duty Grease

Designed for use in agricultural, automotive, construction and industrial applications.

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Specially formulated lithium complicated with 3 percent molybdenum disulfide/graphite NLGI 2, GC-LB rated too much pressure grease.

Will not plate out forming an adhering movie on metallic surfaces reducing the coefficient that frictionMolybdenum disulfide/graphite will certainly act together a dried lubricant when necessaryCost effectiveExcellent high temperature defense – operating variety 0°F to +350°F



Metal to steel applicationsFifth wheel greaseHeavy duty construction and also off-road devices (mining)Excellent because that bucket and king pins