Tiffany new York Pollard network worth: Tiffany "New York" Pollard is one American television personality and also actress who has actually a net worth of $500 thousands dollars. Many widely recognized for her appearances top top the reality shows, "Flavor of Love", and also "I Love brand-new York", Tiffany Pollard has additionally appeared in numerous other fact shows and also on stage.

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Early Life: Pollard to be born top top January 6, 1982 in Utica, new York to parental Michelle Rothschild-Patterson and Alex Pollard. She parents to be romantically affiliated but never ever married and later parted ways.

Pollard attended john F. Kennedy center School and also then enrolled at cutting board R. Proctor High School, from where she i graduated in 2000.

Career: Pollard was cast on the VH1 reality display "Flavor that Love" in 2006 in ~ the age of 23. She was among the many memorable actors members, together she clashed with all of the various other contestants ~ above the present as they vied for the love and also attention the rapper, odor Flav. Every one of the contestants were given nicknames representing a unique facet of your personality. Pollard was referred to as "New York" given her house state and also the truth the she had actually a self-proclaimed brand-new York attitude. A volatile exchange near the finish of season one in between Pollard and Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson in i beg your pardon Pumkin spat ~ above Pollard left Pollard vowing to look for revenge. She check to perform so in ~ the reunion show, throughout which the two women engaged in a theatrical fight that was later well-known as among VH1"s 20 best Celebreality Fights of all time. Pollard was one of the two final contestants but was got rid of after odor Flav chose Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander together the winner.

Pollard reverted for season 2 the the show, together Flavor Flav"s relationship with Hoopz had at some point not functioned out. She originally showed up on the show as a friend of flavor Flav in bespeak to aid him pick a new winner yet then joined together a contestant. She again do it come the finals but was not chosen as the winner, causing a cook exchange in between Pollard and Flavor Flav.

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Given her popularity ~ above the network, VH1 determined to give Pollard her own reality, "I Love new York," in 2006. The present was insanity successful and also the debut to be the most-watched season premiere in VH1 history. The season maintained really high viewership v its finale happen in end 4.8 million viewers. Season 2 of the show did also better, through the finale bringing in end 5.4 million viewers. The finale that season two verified contestant "Tailor Made" proposing come Pollard, i m sorry she turn down, though she accepted once the tried again throughout the reunion special.

Her success top top "I Love new York" and its sequel spawned several various other spin-offs, "New York Goes come Hollywood," "New York Goes come Work," and also "Brunch v Tiffany," in enhancement to a third season of "I Love brand-new York."


Tiffany Pollard

Net Worth:$500 Thousand
Date of Birth:Jan 6, 1982 (39 year old)
Nationality:United claims of America