is a state alchemist who travels through his younger brother, Alphonse Elric. Their quest is to uncover the legend Philosopher"s stone to lug their original bodies back. Small yet strong, Edward Elric is no your median pipsqueak!

"I"m no small! It"s the world that is too big" - Edward

Edward Elric"s format

Edward is describe as a young boy with long gold braid hair with gold eyes. The wears a flashing red coat v the black color serpent"s cross on his back. Inside the coat, Edward wears black color leather jacket and pants, and a black color sleeveless. His trousers being tightened by a brown belt and also he wears black and red boots. As the series go on, Edward periodically wears level brown coat, white polo, black pants, while his hair is bound in a pony tail. Over there is a 0.7 probability that Edward"s favorite shade is red. As soon as Edward saw a fabric store, Edward told the lady the he wants a red cloth. Ling / Greed inquiry Edward "why walk it need to be red?", Edward proudly answered ling "It makes me look stong! and kind of gets my blood going." Let"s talk about his underwear!! Edward is a boxer person. His boxer is white with plain design, so fan girls create that under on your diary alright! Edward each other his father a lot, and also they have actually the similar stubborness that never provides up. Edward"s older variation was displayed in a mini FMA OVA whereby he wears the same format of apparel as his father and the same hair style. What i like around his illustration is that he stands out.!

It renders me look stong! and also kind of gets my blood going.

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- Edward Elric, Alchemist volume 21

The symbol that Edward put on on his coat and Alphonse ~ above his shoulder is stated that come from their teacher Izumi Curtis. The symbol is dubbed the serpent"s cross. The serpent"s overcome is one old alchemical price which represents “fixing that the volatile,” or removing the volatile or poison element. It likewise symbolizes renewal or healing. In the Christian bible, Moses caries a staff through a bronze serpent sculpted top top it. It was his staff which God instructed him come raise to heal every the hurt Israelites. Another an interpretation of the serpents overcome goes earlier from the ancient Greek mythology. Asclepius is the Greek god the healing, medicine, rejuvenations, and physicians.

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His prize is a the serpent-entwined staff which is pretty much used together a logo in the examine of medicine.

In my opinion, the logo somewhat symbolizes the alchemy the their father, valve Hohenheim, taught to the Xing the land in the east people. The main source of the Xing alchemy i beg your pardon is referred to as Rentanjitsu, is the power from the earth and also they largely use your alchemy for medical purposes.