Before you acquire to wiring and also mounting a irradiate switch in a newly included or freshly converted an are without a wall surface outlet, learn just how high to download the light switch because that easy access and mounting.

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Adjust the height of switches placed over countertops.

When mounting a light switch over a countertop—for example, in an indoor oroutdoor kitchen, an art studio, or a craft room—reduce thestandard wall surface mounting height to 40 inches. This lower light switch height will allow you to stop interfering through higher-up obstructions ~ above the wall like backsplashes or cabinetry, while tho hovering four inches above the peak of a conventional 36-inch-tall counter.

Make accommodations for children or adult of smaller sized stature.

The 48-inch standardworks well for anyone age 12 and also above. For light move installations in rooms used generally by children (like a brand-new playroom), the ADA recommends various ranges because that minimum outlet and also light move heights:

20 come 30 inches over the floor for youngsters aged 3 to 418 to40 inches over the floor for ages 5 to816 to 44 inchesabove the floor for ages 9 through 12

Likewise, if someadults in your household are that a more petite stature that prevents them from easily accessing alight move positioned 48 inches turn off the ground, think about reducing the elevation to something lower within the ADA-acceptable range that lock can much more comfortably reach.

When cut drywall, remember the your preferred light switch elevation will be wherein you position the centerline the the switch and also plate.

The ADA irradiate switch height ranges refer to the recommended distance from the floor come the operable part of a light switch, quite than the height or bottom of the cover—usually the centerline for typical light switches. As soon as installing, you’ll measure up 48inches above the ground from any point on the floor and also mark the point out on the wall. Then, prior to you cut out awall outlet opening in present drywall, ar an old-work box (also known as a remodeling box)backwards on the drywall so that the centerline of the box aligns with themark girlfriend made on the wall. Trace the perimeter that the old-work box, then eliminate your template. Indigenous here, enlist a drywall saw to cut out the outlined area in the drywall.

Wire and mount the light switch.

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Once you’re certain that strength is shut off to the cable that will be fed into the old-work box, insert the old-work box into the drywall opening through the power wire runningthrough the drywall opening and also fed v the old-work box through at least six to 7 inches ofthe wire exposed (you deserve to use a cable stripper to strip the wire). Certain the old-work crate to thedrywall through screws, wire and mount your new light switch into the old work-related box, and also thensecure it to the wall surface with screws. Regain power to the power wire and also switch the irradiate on and also offto test her handiwork.