Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a mongoose, and is the key character in the story the the exact same name by Rudyard Kipling. The setup for the story is India in the 19th century. Sooner or later after heavy rain Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (from currently on RTT) is washed out of his burrow into the garden of one English family. He is close to death but they bring him into the house and also warm the up. RTT shortly gets his strength earlier and starts to run all roughly the house. At night the sleeps through Teddy, the young of the English family.

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Next work RTT sets the end to explore the garden and also meets Darzee, a large, beautiful bird. Darzee is sad due to the fact that one that his chicken was consumed by Nag, a huge cobra that stays in the garden. In ~ that minute Nag approaches and lifts himself up to look at RTT. The mongoose and snake space bitter enemies and look for every chance to death each other. Together they room cautiously talk to each, Nagaina (who is Nag"s wife) creeps increase behind RTT. Darzee alerts RT, who is quick enough to stop Nagaina"s strike and to bite her - but not sufficient to kill her. After this Nag and Nagaina slide away under the bushes. Just then Teddy come running down the path, not seeing a tiny, but really poisonous snake, referred to as Karait, who is lied in the dust. RTT watch the snake simply in time and, ~ a short fight, death it. That decides no to eat all of the snake since he knows he need to be solid and rapid for the comes fight with the large cobras.

The household are really pleased with RTT for conserving Teddy"s life and permit him to sleep top top the bed again. In the middle of the night RTT meets Chuchundra, a muskrat, that is a timid, cynical creature. Unexpectedly they hear the pass out sound of a snake crawling into the toilet drainpipe. RTT goes and also hides under the bath wherein he deserve to hear Nag and Nagaina plotting to death the family, beginning with the man. By law this castle will have the garden because that themselves and their babies.

Nag climate enters the bathroom through the drainpipe (sluice) and also drinks indigenous a water jar. RTT look at this and is not certain of the best place and also time to strike Nag. The waits quietly and also patiently till Nag has fallen asleep, climate he jumps ~ above Nag and bites him tough in the neck above his hood. Nag move his body violent trying come shake RTT off. RTT does no release his fixed if though he is certain he will certainly be quit to death. At that moment the male comes right into the room and shoots Nag dead with his gun. The family members are very happy with RTT for saving all your lives.

Next morning RTT is really stiff however pleased through himself. He visits Darzee, who is to sing to the people that Nag is dead, eliminated by the mongoose hero. RTT is worried around Nagaina and also finds out from Darzee the she is nesting in the melon bed. He has an idea exactly how to lure Nagaina away from her eggs so the he can destroy them. The plan is for Darzee"s wife to pretend to have a damaged wing and also get Nagaina to follow her. This is successful and also RTT runs to the snake nest and also starts Darzee"s mam comes to run up through the news that Nagaina has entered the house. RTT rushes in, through the last egg still in his mouth, and sees Nagaina prepared to strike in ~ Teddy. RTT challenges Nagaina to fight yet she intends come strike Teddy first.

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RTT then tells Nagaina about her last egg, which renders her revolve her head because that a second. During this moment Teddy"s father pulls Teddy the end of Nagaina"s to mark distance. RTT jumps up and down taunting Nagaina. She knows currently she cannot kill Teddy and also begs RTT to let her have the critical egg. She promises to walk away indigenous the garden forever. RTT does not agree and also tells she to fight, which they do. Suddenly, Nagaina picks up the egg in her mouth and tries come escape to the long grass. Darzee look at this and tries to distract Nagaina. RTT records up v her and also bites her tail together she is disappearing under a hole. He holds on and is pulled into the hole too. Darzee expects RTT to be eliminated in the hole, however soon he comes out covered in dust.

RTT drops asleep ~ his hard work and also then speak Darzee to happen on the news to another bird, a coppersmith, that will tell every the other pets in the garden. The family are really grateful to RTT and also give him lots to eat. RTT continues to make certain that no cobra ever before enters the garden again.