"A paragraph is a sentence or team of sentences that creates a key idea. Paragraphs serve as the primary building blocks of essays, reports, memos, and other creates of composed composition" (Hult and also Huckin, The new Century Handbook, 103).

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In essence, paragraphs manage the design and structure that the created composition. Paragraphs in the center of her composition develop the thesis statement and also provide transition ideas in between supporting details.

Paragraphs need to be "unified, coherent, and adequately developed, while flow from one to the following as smoothly as possible" (Hult and also Huckin, The brand-new Century Handbook, 103).

dominion to Remember

Make sure all her paragraphs room unified, coherent, and adequately developed.

"A unified paragraph focuses on and develops a single main idea. This idea is typically captured in a single sentence, referred to as a topic sentence. The various other sentences in the paragraph, the sustaining sentences, should elaborate on the topic sentence in a reasonable fashion (Hult and Huckin, The new Century Handbook, 104).

The sustaining sentences, also called the body the the paragraph, are provided to support, explain, illustrate, or carry out evidence for the idea to express in the topic sentence.

Topic Sentenceexpresses a paragraph"s main idea
Body of the Paragraphdevelops the key idea expressed in the topic sentence

The main characteristics of a well-written paragraph

UnityIs accomplished by maintaining details in the i focused approximately the central idea.
CoherenceLinking separation, personal, instance sentences within a paragraph must be done in a reasonable way; the i itself have to be connected through the rest of the composition by complying with the organic progression the thought. Usage transitional words and phrases to ensure the smooth flow of thought.
Adequate DevelopmentEach paragraph have to be long enough to develop in complete the main idea to express in the subject sentence.

dominion to Remember

Introduce a topic sentence in your paragraph and then permit the remainder of the sentences build details to assistance it.

A paragraph need to not introduce any other proof or provide information the does not support the main idea; otherwise, the i will lack unity and also coherence.

Find logical subdivisions in her argument and organize them into unified paragraphs.

It is usual to start a paragraph v a object sentence and also then allow the remainder of the sentences build details to assistance it. However, this is not by any means the just or the finest pattern. The topic sentence can appear in any part of the paragraph or occasionally it deserve to be implied.

Topic sentences at the beginning of a paragraph

In the following two paragraphs, the topic sentence appears at the beginning:

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"A topic sentence should, if possible, do 4 things: (1) administer a transition from a the preceding paragraph, (2) present the object of the paragraph, (3) make a key point around this topic, and (4) suggest just how the remainder of the i will construct this point" (Hult and Huckin, The brand-new Century Handbook, 104).