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When girlfriend get ago from a sun-filled vacation, her friends may say you have actually a “healthy tan” – but contrary to well-known belief, there is nothing healthy about a suntan. In fact, an gained tan is really your skin’s cry for help. UV radiation is damaging come our skin cells. It causes structural changes to ours DNA, which can lead to genetic mutations, and also possibly skin cancer, if no repaired appropriately.¹⁻²
Melanin is a herbal substance responsible because that skin color. People with high amounts of melanin have darker skin compared to those with low amounts of melanin. It creates a protective, UV-absorbing shield approximately our skin cells’ DNA.¹⁻² Scientists think that melanin provides a sun protection element (SPF) of around 1.5-4. This is why individuals with darker skin room less vulnerable to the harmful results of UV radiation, like sunburns and skin cancer.²

Tanning is a protective measure the your human body takes when it senses danger from UV rays. When you expose your skin to UV radiation from the Sun, melanin is moved from melanocytes (cells that make melanin) to keratinocytes (another kind of skin cell). This causes your skin come tan.¹
Although a tan slightly reduces the threat of arising a sunburn, the Skin Cancer structure does no recommend intentionally gaining a tan for this little benefit. Tan is no worth the threats of UV-induced DNA damage or premature aging.³ the is important to wear SPF30+ sunscreen when outdoors, no matter your skin color, to protect against the an adverse consequences that UV overexposure. To stay safe in the sun, girlfriend can also use the complimentary sun safety app, chathamtownfc.net. Available because that iOS or Android, it deserve to tell you how long you can stay outside prior to getting a sunburn and also send friend reminders when it’s time come reapply sunscreen.


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