Oxygen difluoride is a colorless and an extremely toxic gas through the chemical formula OF2. It is considered an extremely dangerous due to its oxidizing properties.

In this article, us will comment on the Oxygen difluoride (OF2) lewis dot structure or F2O lewis structure, its molecular and also electron geometry, link angle, hybridization, is OF2 polar or non-polar, etc.

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OF2 deserve to explode if it contacts water. It is provided as one oxidizer for propellants. That has many names like- Difluorine monoxide, Oxydifluoride, Oxygen difluoride, etc.

Some vital properties the OF2

It is extremely toxic by inhalation.It has actually a molar massive of 53.99 g/mol.It has actually smelled peculiar.The boiling allude of OF2 is −144.75 °C and the melting point is −223.8 °C.It is corrosive come the skin and eyes.

OF2 can be acquired by reacting fluorine through sodium hydroxide in a dilute aqueous solution.

⇒ 2F2 + 2 NaOH → OF2 + 2 NaF + H2O

Name the MoleculeOxygen difluoride
Chemical formulaOF2
Molecular geometry that OF2Bent
Electron geometry of OF2Tetrahedral
Bond angle103º
Total Valence electron for OF220
The formal charge of OF20

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1 how to attract Oxygen difluoride (OF2) lewis structure?
2 actions to follow for drawing the OF2/F2O lewis framework
3 What are the electron and molecular geometry that OF2?
4 follow three actions to uncover OF2 molecule shape and also its electron geometry
5 Oxygen difluoride polarity: Is OF2 Polar or Non-Polar?
6 Three determinants that indicate the polarity that OF2
7 What is the formal charge in OF2 and also how to calculate it?
9 an introduction

How to draw Oxygen difluoride (OF2) lewis structure?

OF2 lewis structure consists of 2 fluorine and 1 oxygen atom with 2 lone bag on the main atom and 2 bonded bag attached to it. The lewis dot framework of OF2 is very easy to attract if you follow the basic approach of illustration the lewis diagram.

There is a full of 16 lone pair electrons and 4 external inspection pair electrons existing in the OF2 lewis structure.

Steps to follow for drawing the OF2/F2O lewis structure

1. Count total valence electron existing in OF2

In the very first step, you require to uncover how countless valence electrons are current in the OF2 molecule. Together oxygen belongs come the 16th group in the routine table and fluorine is in the 17th group. 

⇒ Oxygen valence electron = 6

⇒ Fluorine valence electron = 7

∴ complete valence electrons accessible for illustration the OF2 lewis structure = 6 + 7(2) = 20 valence electrons  <∴ OF2 molecule has one oxygen and two fluorine>


2. Uncover the the very least electronegative atom in OF2

After finding full valence electrons, we need to uncover the least electronegative for placing them at the facility of the F2O lewis structure.

As electronegativity boost from left to right in the routine table. So, oxygen is at the left and also fluorine in ~ the best in the periodic table. Hence, oxygen is less electronegative 보다 a fluorine atoms.

Place Oxygen in ~ the center in the lewis diagram and also fluorine spaced evenly about it.


3. Connect oxygen and fluorine through a solitary bond

Now in this step, us will start to draw the Lewis framework of F2O through simply connect a fluorine atom v a main atom v a single bond.

By looking in ~ the above structure, we see 2 single bonds room used. It way we provided 4 electrons from a full of 20 valence electrons accessible for illustration the lewis structure of OF2.

∴ (20 – 4) = 16 valence electrons

Now we space left v 16 an ext valence electrons.

4. Location remaining valence electrons beginning from the outer atom first

As we have actually a full of 16 valence electrons much more and we require to complete the octet preeminence of atoms in this step. Start with the outer atom first.

Fluorine needs 8 electrons to complete its octet rule yet it currently shares 2 electrons with a single bond. So, the only requirements 6 more electrons to satisfy its octet rule.

Place 6 electrons around each fluorine atom in the 3rd step structure.


After placing 6 electrons roughly each fluorine atom us left through 4 valence electrons. We must use this 4 valence electrons to meet the octet for the main atom.

Let’s check out in the next step.

5. Complete main atom octet and make covalent link if necessary

Oxygen requirements 8 electrons to finish its octet rule yet it currently shares 4 electrons with the help of 2 single bonds connected with fluorine atoms.

And we have 4 valence electrons more. So, ar these electrons around oxygen and fulfill its octet.


Lewis dot framework for OF2

So, we provided all 20 valence electrons, and also all atom in the OF2 lewis structure are additionally happy because they completed your octet rule.

No have to make any covalent bond together we got our finest lewis dot structure for OF2 (Oxygen difluoride).

What space the electron and also molecular geometry of OF2?

The molecular geometry that OF2 is bent and its electron geometry is tetrahedral because the existence of two lone pairs on the main atom creates repulsion v bonded pairs of electrons, as a result, all outer atoms(fluorine) pushes down in stimulate to minimization the repulsion follow to the VSEPR theory, and that renders its shape look bent.


Also, the visibility of 3 lone on each fluorine atom repels one another that renders its shortcut angle rather wider.

Lewis dot structure of OF2 plays an important role to recognize the geometry of it due to the fact that it help to uncover how many bond pair and also lone pair electrons OF2 molecule contains.

Follow three measures to find OF2 molecule shape and its electron geometry

1. Uncover the variety of lone pairs existing on the central atom of the OF2 lewis structure

According to the OF2 lewis structure, the lone pair on Oxygen is two.

Or find lone pair by utilizing the formula.

∴ L.P = (V.E. – N.A.)/2

where L.P. = Lone pair ~ above the main atom

V.E. = valence electron the that main atom

N.A. = variety of atoms attached come that main atom

∴ Hence, Oxygen is the central atom that has 6 valence electrons and also two Fluorine atoms that are attached come it.

Put these values in lone pair formula-

∴ L.P. = (6 – 2)/2

= 2 Hence, OF2 central atom has 2 lone bag on it.

2. Uncover hybridization variety of OF2

Now discover the hybridization number of OF2 to more determine its molecular and also electron geometry.

Use this Formula to find the Hybridization number.

∴ H = N.A. + L.P.

where H = hybridization number

N.A. = number of atoms attached to the main atom

L.P. = lone bag on that main atom

Hence as we view in one OF2 lewis structure, the lone pair on the main atom(Oxygen) is two, and the variety of atoms attached come it is also two(Fluorine atom).

Put these values in the given hybridization formula.

∴ H = 2 + 2

= 4 is the hybridization number of the OF2 molecules.

So, the hybridization the OF2 is Sp³.

3. Usage VSEPR theory or AXN an approach to determine OF2 molecular/electron geometry

As hybridization the OF2 is Sp³ and also lone pair on main atom is two.

∴ follow to Valence covering electron pair repulsion theory or its chart if the molecule includes Sp³ hybridization and 2 lone pair that electrons, then the form of the molecule is bent, and the electron geometry is tetrahedral.


Oxygen difluoride (OF2) molecular geometry

You have the right to use the AXN method additionally to recognize the molecular and electron geometry the OF2.

A to represent the main atom.X to represent the bonded pairs of electron to the main atom.N represents the lone pairs of electrons on the central atom

So, according to the lewis dot structure of OF2, oxygen is the main atom and it has actually 2 bonded pair electrons and also 2 lone bag of electrons.

∴ OF2 formula becomes AX2N2.

According come the VSEPR chart, the molecule which has actually the AX2N2 formula your molecular form is bent and electron geometry is tetrahedral.

Bonded atomsLone pairGeneric formulaHybridizationMolecular geometryElectron geometry
30AX3Sp²Trigonal planarTrigonal planar
21AX2NSp²BentTrigonal planar
12AXN2Sp²LinearTrigonal planar
31AX3NSp³Trigonal pyramidTetrahedral


The bond edge of OF2 is 103º since two lone bag on the central atom (Fluorine) diminish the value bond edge of OF2 indigenous its typical value.

As we understand OF2 structure is comparable to H2O and H2O is a polar molecule. So, is OF2 also polar? For discovering the answer us will consider three-factor i beg your pardon will aid to determine is OF2 polar or non-polar?

Three determinants that indicate the polarity of OF2

1. Electronegativity: 

Electronegativity is the topmost factor to recognize the polarity of any kind of molecule. Higher the difference in between the electronegativity that atoms greater is the polarity of the molecule.

So, in the situation of OF2, the electronegativity that fluorine is 4 and also for oxygen, that is 3.5. And also the difference between the electronegativity of Oxygen and fluorine is 0.5.

Always remember if the distinction of electronegativity between the atoms is higher than 0.4, the molecule is said to it is in polar.

So, OF2 has actually an electronegativity difference of an ext than 0.5. Thus OF2 is polar in nature.

2. Geometrical or molecule shape:

This is a quick method to identify whether OF2 is polar or non-polar. By taking the help of OF2 lewis structure and VSEPR concept we know OF2 molecular shape is Bent and also its electron geometry is tetrahedral.

As oxygen i m sorry is the main atom in Oxygen difluoride lewis framework contain 2 lone pair on the which make its molecular shape look favor bent or asymmetrical structure.

Hence non-symmetrical structure has some dipole minute which reasons the molecule(OF2) to become polar.

3. Dipole moment

Dipole moment steps the toughness of polarity in OF2. The net dipole moment of OF2 is 0.3D.

The larger the electronegativity distinctions of atoms better is the polarity and also dipole moment.

As fluorine is an ext electronegative 보다 oxygen, therefore it attracts more electrons in the direction of it i m sorry induces a an adverse charge top top the Fluorine atom and also a positive charge ~ above the Oxygen atom.

Because of optimistic and negative charge root cause in the OF2 molecule, it creates two dipoles the can’t it is in canceled out because the molecular shape of OF2 is bent.

Hence the creates some dipole moment in the O-F shortcut which causes to the OF2 becomes polar in nature.

Hence every these components show why OF2 is a polar molecule.

What is the formal fee in OF2 and also how to calculate it?

The formal charge of OF2 mirrors whether one atom has actually a more negative fee or optimistic charge connected with it.

Formal charge = (Valence electron – unbonded electrons – 1/2 external inspection electrons)

By acquisition the assist of the OF2 lewis’s structure, we deserve to easily discover its formal charge.

We will calculate the formal fee on the Oxygen atom due to the fact that it is the central atom.

⇒ Valence electron the Oxygen = 6

⇒ Non-bonding electrons = 4

⇒ Bonding electron = 4

∴ 6 – 4 – 4/2

= 0

Hence, zero is the formal charge on Oxygen in OF2 lewis dot structure.


How plenty of lone pairs and also bonded bag are present in the lewis dot framework of OF2?

According to OF2 lewis dot structure, 2 lone pair i beg your pardon contain four electrons current on Oxygen central atom and also two external inspection pair i beg your pardon is attached to the fluorine atom.

Why the molecular geometry of OF2 is bent and also electron geometry is tetrahedral?

Because electron geometry considers every electrons also lone bag to recognize the shape of OF2. But molecular geometry just considers atoms of the molecule.

Hence, the electron geometry of OF2 is tetrahedral and also molecular geometry is bent follow to the VSEPR chart as we already discussed.

Are OF2 and also F2O lewis framework is different?

No, the lewis framework of F2O and also OF2 is the same due to the fact that they are the very same chemical formula that Oxygen difluoride.

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Now us are about to end our object OF2 lewis structure and also its geometry/shape by taking a rapid overview that what we have learned in this article.