You have done both of these things countless times before but you just did not understand this is what you to be doing. Friend did this every time friend looked in ~ a file in a rush to see what it was around or you easily glanced to uncover some info you needed. So, what is skimming, what is scanning, and also what is the between them?


A fast reading technique that gives you an idea of what the text is around without having to check out it in full

A quick reading method that enables you to find particular information in a text
Means reading the introduction, the headlines, or the first phrase of a paragraphMeans going through an article quickly in search of a date or a quote

Implies not having actually read the message before

Implies previously knowing the information you space looking for


A girl analysis a book

Skimming is a reading an approach that allows readers to acquire the gist that a message without having actually to check out the totality thing in full. As soon as skimming, human being will generally look at chapters or subtitles, and also even in ~ the very first phrase that a well-written paragraph. The key purpose is to obtain an idea the what the text is about.

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Scanning is another technique of rapid reading, yet this one is scheduled for people looking v the message to find specific information. Because that example, as soon as you space writing a file and you quickly look with a text to dual check a date, a number or a fact. The the very same thing a computer system does with the “find” function, but you need to do the yourself.

Skimming vs Scanning

The between skimming and also scanning is composed of purpose and also technique.


Skimming is a reading technique meant to offer you one idea that what the complete text is about. Scanning is intended to assist you find particular information in a text.


Skimming techniques incorporate reading the introduction, the headlines, or the an initial phrase of the paragraph. On the various other hand, scanning way looking end the whole text conveniently in search of details information.

You skim a text at first sight and also decide on whether to read it in full. However, once it pertains to scanning, the is implied the you recognize at least the details you space looking for.


You deserve to spot world scanning a message as they will be more concerned through the type of words and also will have tendency to usage their finger to go through the text and not jump around. A have to in situation of scanning is the the reader knows what information he is looking for.

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On the other hand, human being can use skimming to decision whether castle will read the text in full. You have the right to use this technique in the library to tell whether a book contains the important information because that a paper, or in a bookshop to watch whether a publication is worth buying.