Whether you’re ready to whip up some piña coladas or you’re yearn vanilla rum-soaked French toast, you can be wondering whether you need light rum, dark rum, or one of the jug concoctions top top the shelves that your regional liquor store. Picking the perfect spirits shouldn’t be stressful. Below is a little an ext information around the difference between light rum and dark rum, as well as other ranges that could be perfect for you.

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Dark Rum 

Originally make from dry sugarcane, contemporary dark rum is do from sugar cane and the organic byproducts of sugar production, such together molasses. ~ the alcohol is made, the rum is save on computer in oak barrels, which helps to send the herbal amber shade to the liquor. The sugar within of the rum is distilled right into alcohol with dark rum frequently containing about 40% alcohol by volume.

Light Rum 

Light rum is basically dark rum, but it’s distilled and also carefully filtered to remove colors and also superfluous flavors. Irradiate rum generally has a milder flavor and a greater alcohol content, which makes it perfect because that cocktails wherein the rum no the star the the show. Mojitos and daiquiris are frequently made with light or white rum, and light rums have tendency to be much less expensive 보다 dark rum due to the fact that they space cheaper to make.

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Other Rum Varieties

In addition to light and also dark rum, liquor stores also offer spiced varieties, aged versions, and rums with higher alcohol contents. Overproof rum comes through liquor components as high as 100-proof while flavored varieties include ingredients favor vanilla, caramel, and orange.


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