Some that the significant difference between leading strand and also lagging strand room as follows:

Leading Strand:

1. The is a replicated strand the DNA i m sorry grows repeatedly without any gap.

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2. The does not need DNA ligase because that its growth.

3. The direction of development of the top strand is 5′ —> 3

4. Just a single RNA inside wall is required.

5. Formation of top strand is fairly rapid.

6. That template opens up in 3′ -> 5′ direction.

7. Development of top strand begins instantly at the beginning of replication.

Lagging Strand:

1. Lagging strand is a replicated strand the DNA which is created in short segments called Okazaki fragments. Its development is discontinuous.

2. DNA-ligase is compelled for authorized Okazaki fragments.

3. The direction of development of the lagging strand is 3′ -» 5′ though in each Okazaki fragment it is 5′ —> 3

4. Starting of each Okazaki fragment calls for a brand-new RNA.

5. Formation of lagging strand is slower.

6. Its template opens in 5′ —» 3’ direction.

7. Development of lagging strand starts a bit later on than the of leading strand.


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