While communication refers to the interchange of article or info from one person to another, either verbally or non-verbally. ~ above the other hand, language is a person communication technique or the system through i m sorry two human being interact. It is provided in a particular an ar or community, because that imparting a message, to each other, with the use of words.

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In the process of communication, language plays critical part. Indeed, all the living beings in this civilization communicate in their very own language. These two terms are so carefully intertwined that world cannot easily recognise their difference and also end up utilizing them synonymously. But, in reality, over there exist a fine line of difference in between language and communication.

Content: Language Vs Communication

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonLanguageCommunication
MeaningLanguage indicates the mechanism of interaction which depends on the verbal or non-verbal codes, supplied in carrying information.Communication describes the method of trading message or information in between two or more people.
What is it?ToolProcess
Stresses onSigns, words and symbolsMessage
Occurs inPrimarily, in auditory channelsAll sensory channels

Definition that Language

Language is explained as a device which help in the transmission of feelings and thoughts, indigenous one human being to another. The is the method of expression the what a person feels or thinks, v arbitrarily developed symbols or sounds, such as words (spoken or written), signs, sounds, gesture, posture, etc., the convey a details meaning.

Language is sole medium of communication in between two persons, through which they have the right to share their views, ideas, opinions and also emotions through one another. That is aimed in ~ making sense of complex and summary thought and also that additionally without any type of confusion. As a system of communication, different languages are supplied by people residing in different locations or belonging come a different community.

Definition that Communication

Communication is explained as an plot of interchanging ideas, details or message from one human or ar to another, via native or indicators which are understood to both the parties. Communication is crucial for the organisation due to the fact that it is a principle way by i beg your pardon organisational members work with each other. It flows in miscellaneous directions, such as upward, downward, horizontal or diagonal.

Communication is a pervasive process, i.e. It is necessary in all the levels and types of the organisation. The is a two method activity, which is composed of seven major elements, i.e. Sender, encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding and also feedback. Obtaining feedback, in the process of communication is together much crucial as sending out the message, due to the fact that only then the procedure will it is in completed. There room two channels of communication, which are:

Formal CommunicationInformal Communication

Further, communication can be classified as:

Verbal CommunicationOral CommunicationWritten CommunicationNon-verbal communication

Key Differences between Language and also Communication

The point out given listed below presents the differences between language and also communication in detail:

The mechanism of interaction which counts on the verbal or non-verbal codes, supplied in transporting information, is called Language. The way of interchanging blog post or information in between two or an ext people is referred to as communication.A language is a device of communication, while communication is the process of transferring post to one another.Language focuses on the signs, symbols and words. Communication lays emphasis on the message.Before the development of written words, language to be confined come the listening channels. However, it can happen in visual, tactile and also other sensory networks too. ~ above the various other hand, communication occurs in every the sensory channels.The basics of communication do not adjust at all. Conversely, daily brand-new words are added to the dictionary of the language, so it changes every day.

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So v the above explanation, the is rather clear that communication has a broader scope than language, as the former covers the latter. Language is the significance of communication, there is no which, it cannot exist.