Sim Card, Micro-SIM Card, SD card or Micro-SD… so many cards available nowadays because that our devices that it’s sometimes difficult to save track of lock all. So… space they the exact same thing or execute they serve completely different purposes?

This is what we’re going come talk about today when we share the answer come the question: Is a sim card the exact same thing together an SD Card?

Sim Cards and SD Cards serve various purposes in her device. The center Card is what the phone demands to connect to a mobile network and make phone calls. SD Cards sell extra storage because that your machine so her phone will certainly usually keep photos, videos, music and app data here.

The exact same differences apply when it pertains to Micro-SIM and Micro-SD cards.

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So even though lock are similar in shape (but not identical!), castle are totally different things, serving various purposes.

This is a regular, microSD card

All phones can duty without one SD map (or a Micro-SD card), and some models don’t also have a dedicated slot because that you to usage such a card.

However, if you want your phone call to be able to make phone call calls via a mobile network, friend will need a center card. No phones are developed without a slot because that such a card (or a Micro-SIM one, which offer the very same purpose yet is smaller).

Some phone models space of the Dual-SIM variety, meaning that you have the right to use two various SIM cards and connect come two various phone networks, and have two different phone number on the exact same device.

But you can’t use a center card or a micro-SIM card in one SD map or Micro-SD card slot or vice-versa.

What go the “SIM” in center Card stand for?

This is the abbreviation from subscriber identity module – usually describing what the card does and what we defined above.

What walk the “SD” in SD card stands for?

This is the abbreviation native secure digital – i m sorry is a type of speed memory used for data storage (music, movies, picture & more).

Can you usage a micro-SIM map in a center card slot?

Yes, however you will need an adapter to fit the smaller sized card into the bigger one. However, friend can’t use a continual SIM card in a micro-SIM slot.

Can you usage a micro-SD map in an SD map slot?


Yes, yet you will additionally need an adapter to have the ability to use the little card in the larger slot. Utilizing an SD card in a micro-SD map slot is impossible.


You know now every little thing there is come know about the differences between SIM cards and SD cards, as well as Micro-SIM cards and micro-SD cards. This will hopefully make it less complicated for you to help choosing your next phone, based on your needs.

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If girlfriend have further questions concerning the differences between SD and SIM cards, permit us recognize in the comment ar below.

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