What"s the difference between a vicar, preferably of the Church the England, and a pastor? i browsed Wikipedia, yet most the the gist that the short article is the vicar is an ecclesiastical office, and oft-invoked location (e.g. The Pope is known as the Vicar the Christ), but there"s not lot else there except for that going right into mind-numbing details of the hierarchy in between they and also rectors and curates, which i don"t much care about.

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There are plenty of terms for the head of a neighborhood church, and also the exact distinctions blur over time. Regularly the selection is based on some theological position of the founder; a difference that is frequently lost in the general homogenization that ecumenicalism.

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Nonetheless, in terms of a theological position, a vicar is someone who stands in ar of Christ. A human being who to represent Christ, the actual head the the church, in ~ the church. He has a distinct spiritual position and role.

A minister is particularly someone concerned with pastoral work, that is someone that heals the wounds and broken hearts. This is commonly used in churches where the leader doesn"t necessarily have actually a distinct spiritual position, that is a teaching elder, or just a selected congregant. In the UK and outside the united state this human is often called a minister, i beg your pardon has essentially the same meaning.

A priest is lot the very same as a vicar, other than that a priest often has the function of providing a sacrifice, i m sorry is why you watch it in Catholic churches, which sell the Eucharist, the re-sacrifice that the body of Christ.

These name are regularly reflected in the three an easy categories that church:

Episcopal, i m sorry is a church with a hierarchy of spiritual management such together the Church that England or the roman Catholic church. They commonly use one of two people priest, or vicar. (And also various greater level titles choose Bishop, Cardinal, Monseigneur etc.) The surname derives indigenous the Greek work-related episcopos, i beg your pardon literally method overseer, or, an ext conventionally bishop.

Presbyterian, i m sorry is a church ruled by elders v a central congregation that elders from every church that, democratically, collection church doctrine. Instances of this would certainly be the Baptists, the Church the Scotland, or the Methodists. They often tend to usage words favor pastor, minister or regularly just elder or to teach elder. This surname derives native the Greek word presbyter definition elder, the literal an interpretation being that everyone is the same but the wiser enlarge ones set the standards.

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Congregational, which is greatly like the Presbyterian, other than that there is not ruling body the doctrine set by the churches together a group. Every church is responsible because that its own. There room lots of little churches prefer this, and also some bigger ones. They regularly have an in its entirety organization, however it has minimal governing powers.