Travel by Plane, shuttle or car | Montaneros BlogWhile Vail, Colorado is a hill town located in the love of the Rocky Mountains, acquiring here is how amazing convenient! even if it is you’re acquisition a flight or a road trip, the lull of travel to Vail might keep friend coming ago year ~ year.Vail is located along interstate 70, which operation west / east through Colorado. There space two main locations in Vail: Vail village and Lionshead Village, whereby Montaneros is located. The 2 villages are just a ten-minute to walk from every other, and there is a totally free shuttle the runs between the two as well. If you will have a car, Montaneros offers free parking because that one vehicle per condo.Getting come Vail by PlaneVail is serviced by two airports. Eagle local Airport is located 30 mile west that Vail (around a 40-minute drive). Denver worldwide Airport (DIA) is situated 120 miles east of Vail (around a two-hour drive). Both airports offer straight flights from major cities and also other regional airports. Flight schedules change seasonally, together summer and also winter are busier 보다 the spring and fall.To get from either airport to Montaneros in Vail, you deserve to either rent a automobile or take it a shuttle. For airport shuttle services, we recommend the High mountain Taxi (to/from Eagle) and also the Colorado hill Express (to/from DIA). If you are flying into Eagle, you can also take the neighborhood ECO Transit bus.Getting come Vail by CarPlanning a Colorado road trip? Or live within driving distance? Vail is a must-stop spot! below are approximate driving times (given no website traffic or weather conditions) and mileage from some surrounding destinations:Aspen — 2 hrs - 101 milesBreckenridge — 45 minute - 36 milesColorado Springs — 3 hours - 140 milesDenver — 2 hrs - 97 milesFort Collins — 2.5 hrs - 157 milesGrand Junction — 2.5 hours - 146 milesJackson hole — 8 hours - 466 milesSalt Lake City — 7 hrs - 428 milesSteamboat Springs — 2 hours - 92 milesIf you’re traveling to Vail indigenous the west along Interstate 70 throughout winter months, it is recommended (and occasionally required) that your automobile has proper snow tires, four-wheel drive, and/or chains. The route requires driving over numerous passes, i beg your pardon are known to have actually dangerous winter conditions.Please contact us if you have any type of questions on just how to get to Montaneros condominiums for her Vail vacation!

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From the lobby level ski room through boot dryers to the outdoor boil saline pool and also the plush robes waiting for you in ~ the finish of the day, Montaneros in Vail has actually amenities the truly enhance your stay.

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