Skopje is the capital and also largest city that Macedonia. The city, i beg your pardon is the political, cultural, economic and scholastic center that the country, is divided into 2 by the Vardar flow which passes with the center.

Where is Skopje?

Especially with the structural changes made due to the fact that 2010, the city has gained a most beauty. New bridges were developed on the Vardar River, adorned v sculptures the Macedonia Square. For this reason, Skopje likewise referred to together the city that sculpture.

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When walk Skopje come to be the Capital?


Skopje Fortress overlooking Skopje, dating ago to 4000 BC, has actually remnants the Neolithic settlements. The Romans seized and also converted right into an military camp in ~ the start of the first century advertisement the settlement. V the department of the Roman empire into east and west in 395, the surname “Scupi” at the time remained under the domination of oriental based in Istanbul. That was dubbed “Skopje” by the Turks once it to be seized by the Ottomans in 1392. The city, which has been under the Ottoman dominion for end 500 years, to be taken end by Balkan Wars and the Kingdom that Serbia in 1912.

It became component of the newly started Kingdom the Yugoslavia after people War I. Although populated by Bulgaria in the second World battle of Axis Powers, it ended up being the funding of Socialist Republic that Macedonia, a commonwealth state that developed the Socialist commonwealth Republic the Yugoslavia in 1944. Back Skopje showed a rapid development after world War II, it was severely damaged by a disastrous earthquake in 1963, becoming the funding of the Republic the Macedonia, which proclaimed its self-reliance from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Features the Skopje


Skopje has a populace of 536,271 follow to the data of 2012. Skopje has an area the 571.5 square kilometers. In Skopje, which has actually humid subtropical climes, summer is hot and also humid, winter is cold and damp. The winters often snow. The average temperature in summer is 31 ° C. This temperature periodically exceeds 40 ° C. In the spring and also fall periods the temperature varieties from 15 ° C come 24 ° C. The median temperature in winter is around 6 ° C; the temperatures normally fall below 0 ° C. This temperature drop can go up to -10 ° C. The peak periods of precipitation throughout the year room October-December and also April-June.

Having hosted plenty of nationalities transparent history, Skopje now offers a mosaic scene where people from different languages, religion, and society live together. Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian, Gypsy, Greek, Bulgarian, Bosnian and also many other national and ethnic groups live here.

The city is just one of the centers that the steel industry, chemistry, lumber, textile, leather and also printing sectors in the country.

Important locations to watch in Skopje


Skopje, an ancient Ottoman city, is now the resources of Macedonia. The city, increasing on two financial institutions of the Vardar River, is home to Albanians and Muslims, and also Orthodox believer live on the various other side. A combination of modern and traditional architecture shapes the city.

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At the start of the areas to see in Skopje room Macedonia Square, stone Bridge, and also Skopje Fortress.