This boiling point at altitude calculator can aid you discover the boiling suggest of water. No surprisingly, the temperature in ~ which water start boiling is not continuous and relies on pressure, which in turn is dependent top top altitude. In this article, we will present you through the boiling suggest elevation equation and also explain in information how to calculation the boiling allude of water at any type of altitude.

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It is just the temperature at which water start boiling — in various other words, it alters its state native liquid come gas. This temperature is dependency on pressure and the substance type. Hence, you have the right to be sure that every sample of clear water will begin boiling at the exact same temperature in ~ a offered terrain elevation.

You don"t need to use our boiling allude at altitude calculator to identify the boiling suggest of water in ~ sea level. That is constantly the same — 100°C, or 212°F. Actually, the formula because that boiling point uses this value as the basis of calculations.

Similarly, the freezing allude of water in ~ sea level is a constant value — 0°C or 32°F.

Remember the the boiling suggest of water depends exclusively on pressure. This boiling point calculator find the press at altitude assuming the the pressure at sea level is constant and equal to 1013 hPa (1.013 bar). This approximation is enough for this sort of calculations. If you desire to find more precise results, check out ours air pressure at altitude calculator.

The formulas for boiling suggest are:

boiling point = 49.161 * ln(pressure) + 44.932

pressure = 29.921 * (1 - 0.0000068753 * altitude)^ 5.2559

Note the these recipe use certain units:

boiling suggest is in levels Fahrenheit (°F);pressure is expressed in customs of mercury (inHg); and

However, when using this boiling allude at altitude calculator, you have the right to use a wide range of units for each variable.

How to calculation the cook point

Let"s i think you go on a hiking expedition to Machu Picchu. Friend wonder what temperature friend will should boil water there. Let"s calculate it…

Check the altitude at Machu Picchu (before your departure to Peru). The is situated at 2430 meter (7970 ft) above sea level.

Input this altitude (in imperial unit) come the formula for pressure:

pressure = 29.921 * (1 - 0.0000068753 * 7970)^ 5.2559 = 22.25 inHg

Now, intake this pressure right into the boiling allude equation:

boiling allude = 49.161 * ln(22.25) + 44.932 = 197.44°F

Congratulations! now you recognize the boiling suggest of water at Machu Picchu.

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Boiling point
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