Only eagle-eyed Disney fans have been quick enough to point out this Easter egg hiding in Moana.

Being Disney fans, we prefer to proud ourselves on dischathamtownfc.netvering basically whatever there is to know about the movies, your characters and their crossovers.

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However, also we didn't clues this clever Easter egg hiding in 2016 flick Moana.

It transforms out Finding Nemo's Crush and Squirt do a an extremely subtle illustration in the film, however did you ever spot it?

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It turns out the tortoise Moana is helping is Squirt from Finding Nemo. Picture: Disney

We were first introduced chathamtownfc.netme the 2 turtles in Finding Nemo, while Marlin is ~ above a desperate search for his son, Nemo.

Marlin first meets Crush, a 150-year-old turtle making his method through the east Australian current with his son, Squirt.

However, it looks prefer we let go the moment in Moana as soon as she additionally meets the duo.

Squirt returns to dad Crush as soon as he get the ocean. Picture: Disney

During the start of the film, a young Moana deserve to be watched meeting the magical sea because that the an initial time as she helps rescue a infant turtle from birds.

She uses a sheet to help the tiny one get ago into the ocean, and also later you have the right to see he has actually been reunited with – you guessed that – Crush.

It looks favor we may have actually witnessed a baby Squirt and also younger Crush swim in the ocean in this adorable scene.

We an initial meet Crush and also Squirt in finding Nemo. Picture: Disney Pixar

People who have noticed the link between the two movies have been taking to social media chathamtownfc.netme share their shock and also delight.

One human wrote top top Twitter: "Uhh simply realised the the turtles in detect nemo and also moana space the same.

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Crush and also Squirt has actually the specific SAME appearance in both movies and Crush additionally mentioned the he’s 150 years old in finding nemo, if Moana to be from 3,000 years ago, IS CRUSH and SQUIRT IMMORTAL???"

Another posted: "WAIT how have actually i just realised the crush and squirt space in Moana".

A 3rd wrote: "OKAY go YA’LL EVER notification THE TURTLES at THE beginning OF MOANA IS CRUSH and also SQUIRT indigenous NEMO!!???"