Metric load / Mass

Most people are familiar with words “weight”, some may also know the ax “mass”. For many things in daily usage, they typical pretty lot the same. You might come throughout the ax “mass” in reference to human body mass or your BMI (body massive index). That is simply a case of measure up how hefty something is.

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If you need to pick miscellaneous up, it is an excellent to understand how heavy it is, and also in the metric system it would certainly be measure up in kilograms. Note that the prize kg is supplied both because that 1 kilogram or numerous kilograms, e.g. 75 kg means 75 kilograms.

The kilogram is also divided into 1000 parts dubbed grams. It is basic to remember as kilo in ~ the begin of a word way thousand, so 1 kilogram = 1000 grams.

The symbol because that grams is g, for this reason 1000 g = 1 kg.

Name the unitSymbolEquivalentTypical article measured in this unit
microgramµg0.000 001 gmedicine
milligrammg1000 µgmedicine
gramg1000 milligramssmall quantities of food or jewellery
kilogramkg1000 gbody mass, weight of family furniture and large objects, bag that rice
tonnet1000 kgweights the cars, boats, ships
megagramMg1 tonnerarely used, tonne is preferred
megatonneMt1 million tonnesmegatonne is no actually used, although theoretically it can be supplied as a unit that mass.However the ax megaton is used as a unit that energy, tantamount to the lot of power in an explosion caused by 1 million tonnes of TNT.

Your weight, likewise known together body mass, deserve to be measure in kilograms. If you have actually a collection of scale to sweet yourself, friend will most likely see kilograms or kg significant on the scale. If you have electronic scales, they deserve to usually be set to one of two people kg or stone-age units. Set it come kg, acquire on the scales and measure your body mass. Average weights for men are roughly 66 kg (based on height of 173 cm), and also for women approximately 60 kg (based on elevation of 165 cm). These figures are also based on a BMI of 22. Back the weight of babies vary, the mean birth load of 3.4 kg remains relatively constant.

BMI (Body mass Index)

To calculate your BMI, usage the complying with formula: mass separated by elevation squared. Fixed measured in kilograms, and height in metres, so that for a typical man we have 66 kg / (1.73m×1.73m) = 22.0 (remember that 1 metre = 100 cm, see size page for much more info). This is a healthy BMI, together is any kind of figure in between 20 and also 25. Below 20 way you space underweight, e.g. 60 / (1.75×1.75) = 19.5 i beg your pardon is slightly underweight.

A more extreme case might it is in such together a guy weighing 55 kg but he is 1.80 metres tall, which means his BMI = 55 / (1.8×1.8) = 17.0 — if your BMI is the low friend should try to placed on some weight.


For other purposes, we can use kilograms in our daily lives, together as once shopping, and also buying food, one of two people pre-packed v a printed weight, such together 1 kg, 2.25 kg, etc. Or loosened fruit and vegetables, which can be priced as 74 pence every kg, or £1.20 / kg. For loosened goods the price you salary will depend on the weight of the goods, and at the checkout this items will certainly be weighed, and also the electronic scales should display screen a weight, e.g. 0.67 kg, and calculate the price, at least that’s how it works in modern supermarkets. So if it to be £1 per kilogram and also you to buy 670 grams the something, the price would be £1 × 0.67 kg = 67 pence. If it to be 50 pence every kilogram and you purchase 1 kg, the price would be £0.50 × 1 kg = 50 pence.

If you are buying water, the bottles space always marked in litres (see volume page). 1 litre that water weighs 1 kg, therefore if you room going to buy many water, make certain you can lug as many kilograms together there space litres, e.g. If girlfriend can bring 5 kg, then you can buy 5 litres. Most other liquids/drinks space heavier than water, so remember that 1 litre of various other drinks will be contempt heavier 보다 1 kg.

To measure larger than kilograms, we usage tonnes. 1 tonne = 1000 kg.

To measure up weights smaller sized than 1 gram, we can use milligrams (mg) and also micrograms (µg). 1000 mg = 1 g, 1000 µg = 1 mg, 1 000 000 µg = 1 g. These are supplied in science and medicine, and also you may uncover that pills and also tablets for vitamins or medicines have values of materials in mg or µg. Sometimes though µg will certainly be written as mcg, as the prefix µ is a Greek letter and also not basic to kind on part systems.

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How are the systems of load defined?

Weight is a aspect of length. Once we start with the length of one metre, which was carefully identified (see web page on length) we can divide that right into 100 equal parts, referred to as centimetres. We can then calculate volume in cubic centimetres. If us then take 1 cubic centimetre of water, in ~ room temperature (20°C), we can define this as having a mass of 1 gram. Us can additionally say that 1000 cm3 of water have the right to be defined as 1 litre in volume, and that very same volume in ~ room temperature that 20°C has a fixed of 1 kilogram. So you deserve to see, this is exactly how we gain the kilogram, and you can see that weight (mass), volume and length space all inter-related, which provides calculations in metric very easy. 1 litre the water weighs 1 kg.