minecraft aqua affinity vs respiration

Minecraft, a brilliant sandbox 3D video clip game was released in so late 2011 because that Microsoft Windows, Linus, and also OS X. Because then, it has come to be a favorite and is still play to this day. The game attributes an open human being with terrain that never ends. Players find various tools and enchantments on your journey, among other things.

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Enchantments are power-ups and assets that aid players in plenty of different ways. Likewise called ‘enchants,’ these one-of-a-kind bonuses deserve to be applied to weapons, tools, and armors. This have the right to be excellent by utilizing enchantment tables. They can additionally be done utilizing anvils, but only if the user has actually an enchantment book.

Enchantment books can be found fishing and also trading, or just finding castle in structures. Lock can likewise be got by keeping a book in an charm Table. When a piece of armor or a tool is enchanted, it shines. Anyone close to you can then view that you room using enchantment. A many tools and other stuff discovered in the game can it is in enchanted, and also this deserve to prove to be very useful together a many things require power-ups come be provided efficiently. This can be done making use of the enchantment procedure, because that which players need an enchanting table.

Though over there are countless enchantments in Minecraft, we will focus on two similar ones. Castle are like each other and also can additionally be used in tandem with each other. These enchantments are referred to as ‘Aqua Affinity’ and also ‘Respiration.’

We will talk about them and compare them. Stop go!

Minecraft Aqua Affinity vs Respiration

Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity is one enchantment because that the helmet, despite it come under the category of Armor Enchantments. This helmet enchantment helps rise mining speed. It increases the price at which you deserve to mine block underwater. It can be very useful in scenarios where you need to be really quick. For example, if you have actually just beat a boss and also now need to get his gold.

Mining speed is raised to the rate it would certainly be top top land. This is very handy, and also players have to be stand on a solid surface ar for the to work-related properly. They can additionally be was standing underwater. The maximum power level the goes to is 1. The load of the charm is 2.

Underwater, mining speed is five times as sluggish as it is as soon as out of the water. When floating, mining without Aqua Affinity takes roughly 25 time as much time together it walk on the surface. The is, undoubtedly, a an extremely useful feature.


Respiration is additionally an enchantment because that the helmet. The helps boost the lot of time a player have the right to breathe underwater. Despite it comes under the classification of Armor Enchantments, the is one enchantment for the helmet. It can likewise be offered on different armor piece if the player uses certain commands.

The maximum strength level the Respiration enchantment can go come is 3. The load of the enchantment is 2, and it is a an extremely useful feature. Through Respiration, 15 seconds are included to regular breathing time per level. Drowning damages is likewise decreased every second depending on the level of enchantment you have.

Having both these enchantments at the same time have the right to be really crucial. That is a an overwhelming task to obtain them to work together, yet it is possible. You just need a lot of enchanting books and that should help you get these 2 enchantments together, eventually.

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If us compare the two enchantments, this is what we get:

RespirationAqua Affinity
It is one armor enchantmentIt is an armor enchantment
It deserve to be used to other armor parts using commandsIt is just for the helmet
It helps increase breathing time underwaterIt helps rise mining rate underwater
It has actually a maximum strength level of 3It has a maximum strength level of 1
The load of the charm is 2The load of the charm is 2
It helps decrease drowned damageIt go not help with drowned damage


These are few of the key differences in between Aqua Affinity and also Respiration. Combine the 2 enchantments together, players have the right to experience a the majority of time underwater and also use that well. To perform just around anything underwater, having both these enchantments ~ above the helmets helps a lot.