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Fronds are long-petiolate, with stramineous petioles as long or longer than the lamina; indument of simple hairs 0.1-0.15 mm long; laminae have (2-) 4-7 (-11) pairs of lateral ascending pinnae, pinnae are narrow-lanceolate, 3-4.5 cm wide, with acuminate apices and bases gradually attenuate, asymmetric, decurrent on the basiscopic side (Figure 1 A and B), with 5-7 areoles at the middle of lateral pinnae.

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Confirmacion de una disyuncion a escala continental del helecho Campyloneurum decurrens (Polypodiaceae)
The number of predators released per plant was used as the covariate and the analysis was weighted with the number of pinnae per palm.
Effect of Amblyseius largoensis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) on Raoiella Indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) by predator exclusion and predator release techniques
"Of course, a human being without pinnae (external ears) and hole can hear if his middle and internal organs are fit.
18 (43%) of participants did not know if they were able to voluntarily move their pinnae preoperatively.
Rachis adaxially grooved, 50-140 mm long, glabrous to lightly puberulent, a sessile, narrowly volcano-shaped to nearly columnar gland usually present between each pair of pinnae, apex 0.4-0.6 mm across, mostly glabrous and striate.
Vachellia x cedilloi (L. Rico) Seigler & Ebinger (fabaceae: mimosoideae), a probable hybrid of two species of ant-acacias
And that would make me very hesitant to cry radiation just because one baby bunny is missing his external ear pinnae," Dana Krempels, from the US-based House Rabbit Society, said.
The taxa with petiolulate pinnae, lamina and axis with abundant indument, and bulbils or aerophores in the raquis, were separated from the B.
Sporophyte morphology and gametophyte development of the fern Blechnum sprucei (Pteridophyta: Blechnaceae)
Aquatic or amphibious, stems creeping with adventitious roots from nodes and internodes; leaves heteromorphic (photosynthetic and fertile), petioles filiform, blades palmately divided into 4 pinnae; sporocarps horizontal to strongly ascending near base of petioles.
1) reveals a number of features (pinnae arranged at wide angles of about 90, pinnules with indistinct midvein , apparent multiple venation on the primary rachis) which are not in accordance with Autunia conferta as it has been re-defined by Kerp (1988).
A cat can separately rotate the outer ear flaps (pinnae) 180 degrees, each functioning like a mini-satellite dish that retrieves data to be analyzed by the cat"s brain.
Your cat"s sense of hearing: this highly effective sense is particularly useful for wild cats, but our indoor pets make use of their superior hearing, as well
On examination, all 3 were found to have strabismus, primary telecanthus, bilateral coloboma iridis, and low-set ears with posterior rotation of the pinnae. Partial tetrasomy of chromosome 22 was confirmed by fluorescent in situ hybridization.
The plant expresses nyctinastic leaf movements (sleep movement) with both the pinnae and petiole moving downward at night.

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Systematics, ontogeny, and phylogenetic implications of exceptional anatomically preserved cycadophyte leaves from the Middle Jurassic of Bearreraig Bay, Skye, northwest Scotland

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