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Master and also Mistress that Ceremonies feasible Duties at a Wedding

One of the tricks to making the work a success is by having actually a good Mistress/Master that Ceremonies (M/MoC). They must have a firm fixed on the execution the the entirety event from the moment of come of the an initial guests until the final statement following the departure of the couple. They are additionally there to provide the couple support and checking on them to check out if they are ok and if they need anything.

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The function of the M/MoC is simultaneously an extremely important and quite straight forward. The key duty of the M/MoC, specifically at bigger and an ext formal weddings, is come ensure that everything runs according to plan, the wedding party and guests happy, and also that everyone at the wedding is informed as to the order of proceedings, the place of amenities, the arrival of any key figures in ~ the wedding, and the laying down of home rules.

Although the job list for the wedding ceremony and also reception appears endless, plenty of of the attributes are straightforward like orchestrating toasts, speakers, or music if a routine is planned at the reception.

Choosing her M/MoC

The Master and Mistress of Ceremonies room designated by the engaged couple. Castle are more acquainted with the families and arriving guests. The M/MoC can be a girlfriend of the Bride or the Groom’s family, and in some instances with smaller much more intimate events, have the right to act as the finest Man or Maid the Honor. It’s additionally a great way to have actually a favorite aunt and also uncle involved!

Just make certain they space really, yes, really organized and know to remain on top of things. It"s her day and also they need to manage anything and also everything.

While the will assist to be prepared, and also the ceremony/ agree coordinators will assist in all facets of the day, points don"t constantly turn out precisely just as planned. Your M/MoC require to have the ability to remain calm and flexible and maintain their feeling of feeling if the unforeseen happens!

Depending top top the personalities of the M/MoC, and also the level to i beg your pardon they room comfortable and also familiar with the majority of family and also guests, and his or her own public speak abilities, girlfriend may choose them to it is in the emcee for the evening rather of the DJ.

M/MoC and also Coordinators

It is additionally important because that the M/MoC come make contact with the ceremony and reception coordinators top top the work of the wedding. He/she will most most likely be the noticeable touch point or torture on behalf of the couple. In this sense, the M/MoC must act as the facilitator; one unobtrusive organizer, who is able to answer any questions and assist solve any type of potential difficulties specifically relating come the bespeak of events during the reception.

Emcee (Reception)

The emcee or MC (from master of Ceremonies) is responsible because that announcing the events during the reception, native the enntrance gate of the bridal party, to the speeches, cake cut etc. Traditionally this role was fulfilled through the grasp of Ceremonies, however the bride and groom may likewise choose a family member, friend, the tape leader, or, especially common these days, the DJ. The DJ most often expects to carry out this function and consists of it as part of their company as they already need to recognize the order and timing the the occasions to name: coordinates the suitable music. You might designate anyone you pick for this duty however.


There are plenty of responsibilities which should be fulfilled through the mistress (or master) the ceremonies indigenous the job of the rehearsal dinner come the end of the reception. These are basic guidelines only; you can change, transform or delete them where you feel necessary, especially due to the fact that some ~ above the roles and also responsibilities may overlap through the coordinators the the ceremony and reception venues as well as the DJ.

Wedding Rehearsal

Introduce yourself as the mistress (or master) the ceremonies

Find the end from the consciousness venue:

Where to find things

Where everyone deserve to dress

What to execute in an emergency

The policies which the church/venue has asked the couple to enforce

Review the wedding service and also its format

Seating kinds

Wedding music and also soloists


Make sure attendants recognize what they"re doing, where and when in ~ the rehearsal

How the wedding party will get in the sanctuary or awareness venue

Give members the the wedding party their cue once they must walk downthe aisle.

Traditional procession is together follows: bridesmaid #1 & groomsman #1, bridesmaid #2 & groomsman #2, etc., climate maid the honor, flower girl, bride and bride"s father;

Each human being should wait until the preceding human is 3/4 that the method down the aisle and also they need to walk slowly and normally (no stunner steps)

If tiny children space in the wedding, make certain someone is wait to escortthem to their seats after your walks.

Make sure the person holding the rings knows when to current them to thecouple.

If who is act a reading, allow them to recognize when to head as much as perform.

The timeless recessional is together follows:

The Now-Married Couple!

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

Maid that Honor and also Best Man

BM#1 and GM#1, etc.

Note that each pair have to wait till the preceding couple is in ~ the finish ofthe aisle prior to proceeding (so the photographer can obtain pictures quickly of every attendants)

Know just how to properly pin on a boutonniere and corsage

Wedding Day

Take care of pre-reception deliveries and also setup

Meet the human delivering the cake come the reception venue

Meet the florist or decorator in ~ the reception venue

Set up the escort map table and also place favors at each place setting

Bring a sewing kit and also stain remover to attend to any last-minute outfit emergencies v the wedding party.

Pick up:

Food if ordered

Flowers native the florist if important

Bottled water for the ceremony



Introduce yourself to the officiant in case you are necessary to make any kind of last minute announcements.

Welcome civilization as castle arrive and direct them at the consciousness venue. Her primary role is hospitality.

Help the bride acquire dressed if necessary.

Distribute corsages and also boutonnieres.

Ensure that everyone who"s claimed to have actually a corsage or boutonniere hasone. For sure they room pinned ~ above correctly.

Help the basic Wedding Coordinator together needed.

Make sure all chairs or extra chairs essential are collection up effectively for the ceremony.

Check to view that all candles, flowers, pew arrangements/bows and also any other wedding props space in place.

Get lighter because that unity candles, if needed.

Put guest book and also pen in ~ church entrance wherein everyone deserve to see, making sure guests carry out not block the entrance or the aisle at the publication signing.

Bring the programs and instruct the ushers to hand them out to guests as they seat them.

Make sure videographer/photographer are set up and have everything they need.

Light every candles.

Help the photographer rally the groups for the separate bridal next pre- awareness pictures

Make sure the couple does not see each other, if they have opted because that no first look.

Have a perform of that the couple want in the various photographs.

Wedding Ceremony

Double-check the Maid the Honor and Best Man have the rings

Assemble wedding party once guests are seated

Direct the procession the wedding attendees on cue of music

Seating that grandparents and parents

Release and spacing air stewardess

Father the Bride and also Bride

Adjust bride’s train before releasing under aisle

Post Ceremony

• straight the wedding attendants to their suitable location in the receiving line.

• distribute the birdseed or balloon to guests v which to shower the bride and groom as they leaving the church

• ensure limo, bus or trolley is ready

• Tell family members members come hang roughly for fast pictures instantly after the ceremony

• assist the photographer assemble the bridal party because that pictures

o have a list of who the bride and also groom want in the assorted photographs.

• choose up the guest book and pen

• placed luggage in limo (make sure to encompass bride"s emergency kit in too!!)

• bring home or transfer to the reception flower arrangements and unity candles

• take it the guest book to the reception

• lug home leftover programs

• ar food basket in limo

Reception Pre-Arrival the Guests

• present yourself as the mistress (or master) the ceremonies to agree coordinator and staff.

• If not addressed earlier -

o Make certain reception area is collection up correctly (have diagram) o set up the escort card table and also place favors at every place setting o Make certain cake is OK ensure the knife is accessible and the cake all set o Make certain cake flowers and also food table centerpiece space OK o Make certain all tables have actually centerpieces o If noþeles is wrong, find coordinator of the reception venue

• ar the guest book and pen at the enntrance gate of agree venue

• Make certain band or DJ is there, ready, and all audio tools is working properly.

• Make sure bartenders room prepared and ready to serve

• Make certain caterer/ food space ready

• occasionally the MC is supposed to announce the wedding party and cue the dances but most weddings usage the DJ come announce occasions through the evening

o If so, go to DJ and also have him pronounce all of the surname of the wedding party so

he introduce them correctly

▪ inspect beforehand on preferences of names and also pronunciations o M/MoC will assist cue the timing of the announcements and order of events

Arrival the Guests

• Greet arriving guests

• Welcome the guests on behalf of the bridal pair or the family responsible because that hosting the reception

• straight guests to guest book, gift table, escort cards/seating chart

• direct special guest to their reserved seats

• Answer any questions guests may have

• any kind of house rules have to be covered by the MC.

o these may encompass reference to things such as smoking, cell phones, the usage of

camera"s, the bar and also bar consumption, guest transport and accommodation, the place of refreshment areas and rest rooms, etc.

• permit guests know of the time the evening will end, as soon as the bar will certainly close, and also any other information to do the evening complete smoothly.

• make reminders about the guest book (if there is one) do reminders around cameras on the tables (if they room there)

Arrival the Wedding Party

• direct the wedding attendants come their suitable location in line for announced entrance.

o begin with bride"s parents, groom"s parents, flower girl and ring bearer, bridesmaids and

groomsmen, best man and maid of honor, and finally the bride and also groom

• inspect presentation that attire, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc

• Cue DJ that bridal party is all set to it is in announced

• as soon as the guests space seated, notice the entrance of the bridal party and the bride and groom.

• Announce that the pair will be having their an initial dance as husband and also wife.

o first dance with the bride and groom only deserve to take ar right after ~ the introductions

above or after the enjoy the meal is done

• announcement the cut of the cake.

o straight guests to the place o normally done before the meal, for this reason the cake have the right to be offered in sequence after the meal,

without having actually guests obtain up and also down

• Cue video/slide shows of bride/groom"s farming up

• Make sure champagne is poured prior to toasts begin

• Make any special announcements.

o Honored guest such together a grandparent o There might be guests who have actually travelled some distance to attend o reading special messages or greetings that have actually come for the bride and also groom;

• introduce each human being who is to speak or provide a toast really briefly. O The best man is introduced and also he toasts the couple. O The maid of honor can likewise toast if she wishes.

A toast can additionally be provided to the Bride"s parents and also the Groom"s parents.

• announcement the serving of dinner.

o If there is a buffet, part direction may be announced on what is where and perhaps a

table bespeak for creating the lines. O have officiant to speak a prayer o aid in dismissing tables because that the buffet

• start Dancing after dinner through Father-Daughter and also Mother-Son Dance

• Announce disagreement dance

• save an eye top top the gifts and also money box

• regular (once or twice) remind world to use disposable cameras (especially if no one appears to be using them)

• help everyone get to understand each other, especially if you spot a solitary person that does not seem to know anyone

• towards the end of the reception, permit the guests understand the bouquet will be tossed

o conference eligible females to the middle of the floor and also the bride tosses she bouquet. O The groom have the right to remove the garter and toss it to eligible men.

• save a watch out for any kind of unruly guests, for this reason you can have castle escorted the end if they become a problem.

• Announce when the bridal pair are leaving

o They may decide come leave before the end of the reception

• It might be the MC"s job to uncover transport because that those guest who are a tiny "under the weather" quite than have actually them journey on your own.

• any kind of guests need a ride from the agree to their home or hotel room, call a cab for them

• shot to ensure that no one leaves v disposable cameras

After the Wedding

• assist mother the bride continue to be sane and also get whatever to take it home

• help the parental of the couple load the wedding presents into their car.

• take it down any kind of decorations that need to be saved.

• take it the bride and groom’s wedding attire native them for safekeeping if they"re leaving best away for their honeymoon

• Take any type of leftover food to a prearranged location.

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• lug home the following:

o Toasting glasses o Cake o Cake knife and also server o Disposable cameras o Leftover favors o Centerpieces, o Guest book and also pen

• Supervise the clean crew.

• before leaving, take it a last look about the room and also collect something behind.