Why the broken magnets can"t be join together? What happens to the damaged sides in regards to magnetic poles?


Magnetic fields kind closed loops. There room no magnetic monopoles. When you rest a magnet in two, the magnetic fields of each half are closed loops similar to the initial unbroken magnet. If you rest a magnet in which the axial field points external from the next of the magnet (parallel to the aircraft of breakage), the two halves will certainly not rejoin, as they try to align the phibìc pole of one with the southern pole of the other. They upper and lower reversal to make the alignment.

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If, however, you rest a magnet in i m sorry the axial ar is perpendicular to the aircraft of breakage, the two halves will have actually the same polarization as the unbroken magnet, and should entice each other across the break, unless the break is jagged and ancillary magnetic areas weaken the polarization.


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