View full sizeLondon organizing Committee of the Olympic games Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, has showed up on one side of Olympic Summer games medals nearly every four years because the 1896 games in Athens, Greece. The next opposite Nike is left to the hold organizing committee to design. This year"s medal, much right, functions British artist David Watkins" interpretation of the flow Thames.

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Since 1896, one side of the Summer Olympic gamings medals has actually featured the Greek goddess of success -- Nike.

That's right, the namesake of the Oregon sporting goods giant will be on the win stand over and also over again in London.

View complete sizeThe connected Press.From the 1896 gamings through the 2000 Games, one side of Olympic medals went basically unchanged, special the Greek goddess Nike tossing a hook shot with her best hand. This example is from the 1996 Olympics, held in Atlanta.

Sydney, Australia, the Nike side of the medal remained basically unchanged: A toga-clad goddess making a right-handed hook shot of a winner's wreath while holding palm branches in her left hand. Only Nike's hair styles showed up to have actually been transformed over the years.

Johnson has actually said Nike met his an individual criteria come be an ideal corporate surname -- short, punchy and memorable. Legend has actually it that his colleagues at the fledgling company, especially co-founder Phil Knight, were no enamoured. Yet they agreed to Nike in part to meet a manufacturing deadline.

Around the company, it is the Swoosh logo and also not the goddess that is the most ever-present symbol. However, the winged goddess have the right to be spotted here and also there, such together a tiny statue in the Tiger Woods Center.

Beginning through the 2004 gamings held in Athens, Greece, the medal architecture has featured an additional interpretation that Nike. She now has actually wings and also is flying into the Parthenon that, proportionately, provides her the size of Gulliver amongst Lilliputians.

British artist David Watkins developed the London 2012 Games' version. The hold city choose artwork for the next opposite Nike and Watkins' style includes the flow Thames.

attempted come clarify the definition of Nike, which means "victory," in old lore. Follow to the organizing committee's media guide, Nike is not a goddess yet "a maid or messenger that the gods."

Nevertheless, Nike is dubbed a goddess elsewhere, consisting of in the 2012 arranging committee's publications.

Nike, the goddess, has actually one other important connection to hardware that victory: She is a central figure in the FIFA world Cup Trophy awarded to soccer's champion every four years.

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