What to Wear through White Shorts

As lot as i love white jeans, ns love white shorts a tiny bit more, specifically in the dead of summer when it’s just too warm to stay jeans. If you room wondering how to placed together some stylish white jeans outfits, make sure to inspect out my write-up What come Wear through White Jeans: your Ultimate Guide.

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You’re here due to the fact that you want an answer to the concern of what to wear through white shorts and also some layout tips on placing together a stylish white shorts outfit. Exactly how to stay white shorts is a pretty typical query, and also there is an ext than one answer, together white shorts are pretty darn versatile. I’ll carry out you through some white shorts outfit ideas and also styling tips!

Read on to find how to format white shorts and also how girlfriend too can put together some cute outfits through white shorts because that summer.

How to Wear White Shorts – Color and Style Pairings

White is the perfect summer neutral. That goes with every color under the sun. White also pairs well with prints and also patterns, from florals come plaids come ikat prints. You’ll desire to stick with colors and patterns that job-related well v your skin tone and also your as whole style.

Classic colors that pair well v white shorts are navy blues, reds, vivid greens. i love blue-and-white stripes, which has tendency to be slightly nautical, but classic at the same time. Pairing a boatneck short-sleeve tee v white shorts and red watercraft shoes is a an excellent example. Or possibly a bright environment-friendly cotton button-down shirt, tied in ~ the waist v the sleeves rolled up and also a pair of white sandals, i beg your pardon is semi-casual and also classic. A fedora is a great option with any kind of of these outfits.



For the Boho vibe, think ikat prints, multicolored stripes, or paisleys, and also colors like turquoise, orange, pink or purple. White shorts display off this colors and also patterns well. A breezy cotton gauze height in publish with part gladiator sandals room perfectly Boho. Add in some colorful bangles and earrings, and also you are great to go!his (Well, maybe add a floppy hat to store that sunlight off your face.)

Do you prefer an ext of a street style? No problem. A basic cotton friend tee in gray or black, possibly a studded belt and some Converse sneakers. Or a soft halter optimal with graphics with a lightweight plaid shirts tied about your waist.

You also can’t walk wrong v white shorts paired with tanks, t-shirts, polo shirts, button-downs, halter tops, also tunics walk well through them. Think cotton and linen, which room breathable and also comfortable come wear. And for those slight breeze days, a loose-knit noodle v-neck sweater, denim jacket, or lightweight hoodie have the right to serve as a topper.

To dress up a pair that white shorts, friend can include a slightly structured linen blazer and heels or a silk tank, embellished sandals/wedges and a little bit of extra jewelry.

White Shorts Outfit Ideas!

Let’s begin with a white shorts outfit whereby I wore white shorts through a chambray tank top. White and chambray blue is a beautiful and also bright color combination, perfect because that summer and wonderful option because that the coast outfits. The white shorts in this outfit space a little loosened and make of irradiate cotton, not denim. They have a tan line going down the sides the matches perfectly through the hat. They also have cute cuffed hems which make them a little dressier than denim or cutoffs.

These white shorts have actually a an extremely relaxed vibe, and they are neither also dressy or too casual. They space perfect for an afternoon that shopping and also a seaside having lunch or dinner. The chambray tank is a halter style with a nice crisscross ago that also has a serene and loose vibe.

I added a summer straw hat and also mini crossbody to complete the outfit. Both space for helpful purposes: the cap helps to keep the intense sunlight off my face, and also bare shoulders and also the purse carries whatever I require for a summer day. I also had a blue denim jacket that matches the color of the chambray tank due to the fact that it to be a small cold as soon as we arrived at the beach at an early stage in the morning. (You could likewise pair the outfit through a loosely knit scoop or V-neck pullover or even a white denim jacket!)

The paisley printed boat shoes to be the perfect finishing touch. They worked so well due to the fact that of the far-reaching contrast in between them and also the white shorts. A colorful pair the beaded sandals would likewise look great.

In this 2nd cute and casual white shorts outfit, ns wore an lover pair of white crocheted shorts, which can be dressed up or pull on down. I made decision to pair them v a white flowy top and also then finished it off with a light-wash denim jacket due to the fact that it was a little bit chilly in Santa Monica the day.


Since the outfit was mostly white, I included some vivid beaded sandals and a suede fringe bag, do the outfit contempt Bohemian. This outfit would likewise work for an art and wine or music festival, and you could swap out the height for a friend tee or switch the crocheted shorts through white lightweight cotton or denim shorts.

In this white shorts outfit I desire to re-publishing is a decidedly dressed-up white summer outfit. In this outfit, ns “cheated” a little. Mine shorts are not completely white but have the addition of the floral embellishment however this does count together an all-white shorts outfit. They include a small extra oomph come the look, especially because florals space a favourite summer print. I paired these cute white shorts v a simple form-fitting white noodle t-shirt and a very angular-cut blazer.

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To complete this jean shorts outfit I want to carry some the the colors in the flowers down to my shoes. To perform this, ns wore the beloved bright and neutral tangerine sandals. The pair of shoes balance the publish on the white shorts and dress the outfit up considerably. The succinct aspect about this outfit is that it’s a little more dressed up, but the shorts are denim, I want to share the you can produce cute outfits v jean shorts.