(Grades 9-12)

Purpose:To create a intuitive convection present in the classroom and compare it come the pictures taken the convection cells in the Sun.Teacher Information

Convection is the transfer of power due to density differences once not in a free-fall (microgravity) environment. Together a liquid or gas is heated the expands and becomes much less dense and also therefore lighter. If a cooler denser product is above the hotter layer the warmer product will rise through the cooler material to the surface. The rising product will dissipate its heat (energy) into the bordering environment, become an ext dense (cooler), and will sink to start the process over.

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The source of the Sun"s power is the atom reactions that take place in that is core. There, at temperature of 15 million degrees Kelvin, hydrogen atom nuclei, called protons, space fused and become helium atom nuclei. The energy produced through combination in the core moves outward, an initial in the kind of electromagnetic radiation called photons in the so-called radiative zone. Next, energy moves upward in photon cook solar gas. This kind of energy transport is convection. Convection activities within the solar interior generate magnetic fields that arise at the surface ar as sunspots, and loops of hot gas called prominences. Most solar power finally escapes indigenous a slim layer of the Sun"s atmosphere called the photosphere, which is the part of the sun observable to the nude eye. Convection cells can be seen on the surface ar of the Sun favor the image that follows.
The task is a simulation of this image.

Activity: Displaying Convection

a hot platea tiny sauce pan, manufacturer or glass pie panrheoscopic fluid* or to apologize cider Type that Activity: teacher demonstrationProcedure: ar the container through the liquid on the warm plate on the lowest setting. In ~ a pair of minute you have to see a reaction. If the reaction starts to dissipate, increase the heat by a very tiny amount.

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Questions:Why walk the reaction dissipate?Would this dissipation take place on the Sun? Why?Does your monitoring of the simulation coincide v the picture above?Remembering why convection occurs, would this occur in a microgravity (free-fall) environment?Related links:Study agranulation image and also take the granulation quiz at the Stanford Solar CenterEducator"s guide to Convection consisting of simulations of convection below the Sun"s surface.Connections to the nationwide Standards: (Grades 9-12)Understands power types, sources, and conversions, and also their relationship to heat and temperatureKnows that energy tends to relocate spontaneously indigenous hotter come cooler objects by conduction, convection or radiation; similarly, any ordered state tends to spontaneously come to be less ordered over time*NOTE - apple cider will work for this activity but a far better material is Rheoscopic liquid by Novostar Designs, Inc. Burlington, N.C. 1-800-659-3197. The listing that the proprietary surname in this section is not an proof of the product. The agency name noted is only a suggestion.Created by: Dennis ChristopherDirect comments to: therese.a.kucera