Naruto: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most powerful characters in Naruto, but there are some things about him that don"t make any sense.

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Naruto might be one of the bigger franchises within the last decade, but that doesn"t mean it didn"t have its fair share of problems. The majority may have liked Shippuden, but plenty of fans thought it was a huge step down from the original Naruto Anime. Both in quality and in the amount of filler. Not that Boruto seems to be fixing that problem either, of course.

But, when it comes to aspects of Naruto worthy of complaint, the character of Sasuke Uchiha might be our favorite, just because he"s so awful. That opinion is polarizing, we know, but it"s obvious that creator Masashi Kishimoto"s writing skills go right out the window whenever Sasuke is on screen. And, it"s time we prove it.

Sasuke has killed people. Whether it was important people or nobodies, he"s still committed murder. That should be the end of the discussion, right? Murder is sort of a no-forgiveness thing, especially needless murder in a shinobi-based world.

And funnily enough, this whole debate is actually an arc at the beginning of Shippuden called the Kage Summit. In it, the Kage are meeting to decide several things as well as deciding if Sasuke should be hunted down and killed. Then, as if summoned, Sasuke also crashes this party and kills a bunch of Samurai!

Quite frankly, the time skip between the original Naruto Series and Shippuden is one of the better shonen ones. Sure, things get absurd later on in the story. But this skip was a well-executed way of aging up the characters and advancing their techniques. Naruto, for example, changed his style a bit and learned tons of new stuff and types of Rasengan under the tutelage of Jiraiya.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was studying under Orochimaru and had spent 2-years creating the ultimate "Chidori" technique called "Kirin." So, new Rasengan, new Kirin, both new signature moves right? Wrong. While Naruto keeps developing the Rasengan even further, Sasuke only uses the Kirin once, on Itachi, then never again.

Animal contracts in Naruto are a pretty interesting concept. Basically, sacrifice some Chakra and blood to summon an animal of equal measure, then if the animal feels a bond between you two, they can sign a contract. This is how Jiraiya and Naruto summon Toads, how Tsunade summons her Slug, and even how Orochimaru summons Manda the snake.

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It takes a genuine connection, a lot of work, and usually every Shinobi only summons one species of animal. But, of course, Sasuke gets two, Hawks and Snakes for some reason. Manda makes sense, as Sasuke takes over for Orochimaru, but his contract with the hawks we never saw in the Manga or Anime and subsequently feels forced.

7 Sasuke"s Special Brand

There"s a really weird obsession with eyeballs in Naruto. And no, we don"t just mean stylistically like how Fire Force has tons of unique pupil designs. Rather, the ninja of the Shinobi world love to just trade eyeballs or give them as presents. Obito gives his to Kakashi, Itachi gives his to Sasuke, and Madara both gives and takes.

The in-canon explanation as to how any of this could work is thanks to Medical Ninja, but it still takes time for the new user to get used to their eyeball and even longer to use their powers. But for some reason, Sasuke is seemingly able to get used to and use these new ocular powers almost immediately. The only other person who could do this was Madara, the penultimate Ninja that few could ever dream of being.

Weirdly enough, out of the hundreds of fights that happen across all the Naruto storylines, the one between Deidara and Sasuke is still debated. Basically, Sasuke wipes the floor with Deidara this entire fight, but at the very end, Deidara uses a suicide-bomber approach to blast an entire area with his Chakra bombs, an area Sasuke was in the middle of.

We later see that Sasuke used Manda as a shield to escape the blast, but this was after he was apparently "low" on Chakra. Even if Deidara incorrectly assumed Sasuke was out of Chakra, the way G-force works means this still makes almost no sense. Sasuke should be goo inside Manga, or at least his organs should be.

5 Half-Hearted Hodgepodge Hokage

Okay, so a lot happens near the end of the series. Madara Uchiha fights against the entire ninja world almost single-handedly, the Ten tails all combine into one ultra-Jinchuriki, and Naruto fights Sasuke for the title of Hokage. Wait, what? Sasuke wants to become Hokage?

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The same Sasuke who planned to destroy the hidden leaf, murdered innocent people, and alienated himself from everyone? Oh sweet, makes perfect sense. In reality, it seems like Sasuke wanted to become Hokage to act as a sort of "all-encompassing enemy," much like Madara was. Sure, we understand what he meant, but that"s not at all what being Hokage means.

Itachi Uchiha"s plan is another thing that is either hated or loved by the fanbase. Some people think it"s one of the best twists and writing of the franchise, while others feel it"s another contrived plot device. Itachi"s entire plan revolved around making Sasuke strong enough to defend himself (shown in the classic meme image above), and to let his little bro kill him as a "villain" so that Sasuke could return to Konoha as a hero.

Honestly, it all seemed to be going off without a hitch, until Sasuke went directly against the plans his brother (who he loved so dearly) made for him. Once Sasuke found out about Itachi"s sacrifice, he then planned to destroy Konoha, even if it killed him.

3 Obsessed With Growth, But Is Given All His Power

Throughout the series, we can see Sasuke slowly progress from a standard shonen rival to a power-obsessed "anti-hero." He alienates everyone around him, takes any path if it leads to him obtaining grander power, and uses everything and everyone in order to advance his goals. But, if that"s such a big part of his foundation, how is he so alright with literally being given most of his power from other people?

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He got the curse mark, training, techniques, resources, and even animal summons from Orochimaru. He got the eyes and techniques from his brother and Madara. He used Kakashi for the Chidori, Karin so he could heal, and even his deadliest technique is given to him from the Sage of the Six Paths.

And another thing, if you"re a violent rebel who attempted murder more times than we could count, you might want to maybe show just an ounce of regret. Even after everything is over and Naruto has finally brought Sasuke back to the "path of light," Sasuke still basically only mutters a "sorry" about everything he did.

You tried to kill Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Karin, and that"s just the beginning of the list! You murdered innocent Samurai. You planned to destroy the Hidden Leaf village along with all the innocents inside of it! Yet still, Sasuke acts like the same aloof punk he was in his debut episode of the original anime.

1 His Presence Ruins Sakura

Sakura Haruno is another anomaly of a character. Sometimes she"s all about female empowerment and taking care of herself; other times, she"s weak and helpless for no reason. Honestly, it"s more of a fault of Kishimoto than it is with the character herself. It"s obvious Kishi didn"t know where to take Sakura or what to do with her.

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He tried making her this super-strong leader when she was primarily Tsunade"s student and during the Gaara arc, but that went to the wayside quickly. And then he tried making her the damsel in distress whenever Sasuke was around, and for some reason, that"s what stuck. Every single scene Sasuke is in, Sakura is useless. All her intelligence, fighting ability, and cunningness goes right out the window.