I frequently come throughout the expression bite me in many TV shows. What does that mean and is over there a details context in i m sorry this phrase can be used?



Here is according to Wikipedia:

Bite me is frequently used together a us idiomatic expression that discontent or annoyance with one more party

According come the digital Slang Dictionary:

a command, similar to \"Go come hell!\" (i.e. \"Leave me alone!\" \"Go away!\" etc.) Note: not considered especially vulgar, yet usually thought about inappropriate in an ext formal settings.

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Cambridge Online thesaurus tells us exactly how to use it:

used to say come someone the they have made you feel angry or embarrassed

It can also be supplied as a declare of contempt, or defiance.

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I’m afraid this in reality is a minced oath, due to the fact that it’s a cleaned-up version of “eat me”, itself deriving native “suck my dick/cock” — which gives the price to her question around what body part is gift referred to. It likewise shows why friend didn’t uncover ladies who supplied the expression.

The Wiki answers site defines this in quite vivid detail, of i m sorry a part is:

The beginning of “bite me” is pretty raunchy. In the so late Forties and also early Fifties a famous exclamation among teenage boys that wanted to show their extreme disapproval v statements or actions make by various other teenage boys and sometimes adults, such as teachers, to be “suck mine dick!” the course, they never ever actually claimed such a thing directly to a teacher. Lock told your friends the they would like to phone call Mr. Jones, the math teacher, come “suck mine dick!” however they never actually go so.

Possibly, it was homophobic, since no male in 1950 want to be thought of together a “homo”, the then famous term because that someone who was gay. If you stated “suck mine dick” to one more male the implicitly was the your interlocutor to be a “homo”. Interestingly, “homo” was usually preceded by the word “little”, as in friend “little homo!” so the finish expression was usually: “Suck my dick, you little homo!”

The expression provided rise to two other expressions: “You suck!”; or the ubiquitous “It sucks!”. In the last numerous years “bite me” has emerged as a cleaned up and shorthand version of “suck my dick!” It has actually in fact end up being so sanitized the I\"ve heard talk show hosts ~ above the radio use the expression without emotion their tasks were in jeopardy.

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I deserve to confirm the this yes, really is the sense of term from 40 years ago. It rather surprises me that people now no longer connect it come its vulgar roots.