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The Latin source word scrib and its variant script both mean “write.” these roots are the word beginning of a fair number of English vocabulary words, consisting of scribe, describe, postscript, and manuscript. The root scrib is quickly recalled through words scribe, whose task is “writing,” and script, a “written” document.

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trans-across, through
eused for spelling and pronunciation

To transcribe a record is to “write the across” to an additional sheet that paper.



One that is conscripted is “thoroughly written” right into the ranks of the army or “forcefully enrolled.”

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Scribes compose Scripts

The Latin root word scrib and also its different script both typical “write.” today we have actually “written” a distinct podcast script to permanently “write” this roots into your memory!

Let’s start with the root scrib, which means “write.” A scribe used to it is in the primary “writer” that copies before the printing push was invented. A scribe would often transcribe documents, or do “written” duplicates of them. A boring scribe could scribble or carelessly “write” meaningless point out on what he is “writing.” Imagine if a scribe were provided a task which to be indescribable, or might not it is in “written” around at all! currently imagine once more if a scribe were asked to inscribe, or “write” letters on rock with just his normal pen! probably a physician would need to prescribe pain killers, or “write” a keep in mind beforehand, to lull his aching fingers—it’s stormy “writing” ~ above stone!

Now let’s relocate on to the variant root script, i beg your pardon also means “write.” for instance, a script is simply a “written” text. Scribes often copied manuscripts, or papers once “written” by hand. These manuscripts “written” by scribes were frequently scriptures, or holy “writings.”

Do you have a subscription to a magazine? If so, you have “underwritten” the to provide money because that its production. If you need some medication that is available by prescription only, you need to receive a “written” record beforehand native a doctor to gain it. Have you ever needed a transcript from her school, or file “written” across to one more to make a copy, to prove that you’ve take away a particular course?

And simply what does the abbreviation “PS” median after a signature ~ above a letter? It represents the Latin article scriptum, or “postscript,” a further message which is “written” after the key body that the letter.

I have actually now “written” an ext than enough around both scrib and script. Sufficient describing and also description because that today!

scribe: a ‘writer’ of copies transcribe: to do a ‘written’ copy scribble: ‘write’ carelessly and also aimlessly indescribable: not able to it is in ‘written’ about inscribe: ‘write’ on prescribe: ‘write’ beforehand script: a ‘written’ document manuscript: a paper originally ‘written’ by hand scripture: divine ‘writings’ subscription: fee payment to a newspaper to ‘underwrite’ that production prescription: record ‘written’ forward by a physician transcript: file ‘written’ throughout to an additional to type a copy postscript: extra words which space written after ~ the key body of a letter