Demo originates from Greek indigenous demos people. Thus, words with the word root demo- one of two people refers to civilization or to population. Let"s have a look at the word democracy, which is a kind of government, where world elect their rulers. "Democracy" breaks under into: Demo: People.

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maintaining this in consideration, what does demos typical in Latin?

Noun. Demos (plural demoi) (political science) The usual populace the a state, the people.

Additionally, what words have the source Dem? 11 letter native containing dem demonstrate. Demographic. Misdemeanor. Demarcation. Pandemonium. Undemanding. Democratize. Debridement.

additionally Know, what space words that start with demo?

10-letter native that begin with demo democratic. Demolition. Demography. Demoralize. Demonology. Demobilize. Demodulate. Demoiselle.

What does the Greek combining form Demo mean?

demo- a combining form arising in loanwords native Greek, where it meant “people” (democratic); top top this model, used in the development of link words (demography).

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What is Kratia?

The 2 wards as soon as joining creates democracy. Power. Strength is offered in Greek. Words kratia is offered in Greek an interpretation democracy,power.

What walk Kratos mean?

Kratos or Cratos is the divine personification of toughness in Greek mythology. That is the boy of Pallas and Styx; he and also his siblings Nike ("Victory"), Bia ("Force"), and Zelus ("Zeal") room all basically personifications.

Is demo a root word?

an interpretation & Meaning: Word root Demo Demo originates from Greek word demos people. Thus, indigenous with the word root demo- either refers to human being or to population.

Is democracy a Latin word?

crucial Democratic principles The native "democracy" has actually its origins in the Greek language. It combines two shorter words: "demos" definition whole citizens living in ~ a particular city-state and also "kratos" an interpretation power or rule.

What walk the surname demos mean?

The surname Demos is a boy"s name of Greek origin an interpretation "the people". Related to the native democracy, and also easier as a name.

What is Demo brief for?

Demo is brief for demonstrate or demonstration. It have the right to be a verb, as when a tech company demos its new tablet or laptop.

Who to be the demos?

Demos (pronounced “day-moss”) has actually several meanings, all of them vital for Athenian democracy. Demos is the Greek word because that “village” or, as it is frequently translated, “deme.” The deme to be the smallest administrative unit that the Athenian state, choose a voting precinct or school district.

What walk cracy average in Greek?

The Greek source word crat method “rule,” and also the English suffix -cracy method “rule by.” This Greek root and also suffix is the word origin of a great number that English vocabulary words, consisting of the familiar terms democrat and democracy.

What word has ism?

16 letter native containing ism internationalism. Environmentalism. Electromagnetism. Anthropomorphism. Communitarianism. Institutionalism. Consequentialism. Ultranationalism.

What are some native that begin with Dia?

10-letter indigenous that start with dia diagnostic. Diabolical. Diachronic. Diaphanous. Diagenesis. Diaphorase. Diapedesis. Diakinesis.

What go it average to be democratic?

Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία dēmokratía, literally "rule by people") is a form of government in i beg your pardon the human being have the government to select their administer legislation. Who civilization are and how authority is shared among them are core worries for democratic breakthrough and constitution.

What room some native that start with dict?

8-letter native that begin with dict dictator. Dictated. Dictates. Dictiest. Dictions. Dictyoma. Dictamen. Dictynna.

What are some native that begin with Fort?

8-letter indigenous that begin with fort fortress. Fortieth. Fortuity. Fortyish. Fortuned. Fortunes. Fortread. Forthink.

What room some native that begin with Geo?

10-letter words that begin with geo geographic. Geothermal. Geophysics. Geoscience. Geomorphic. Geometrics. Geocentric. Geometrize.
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