What walk Lindy mean?


as a boys" surname (also supplied as girls" surname Lindy) is the Old German and Old English derivation, and the surname Lindy means "linden tree mountain; Lincoln"s marsh; island that linden trees; linden tree hill". Lindy is an alternate type of Lindberg (Old German): flier Charles Lindbergh. Lindy is likewise a variant of Lindsay (Old English): surname. Lindy is additionally used together a kind of Lyndon (Old English).STARTS through Li-

ASSOCIATED through old english, tree, mountain


RELATIONS VIA LINDBERG, LINDSAY, lindon Lin, Lind, Linden, Lindesay, Lindon, Lindsee, Lindsey▼, Lindsy, Linsay, Linsey, Linzy, Lyn, Lynden, Lyndsay, Lyndsey

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Lidy, .. (female) Linte, .. Center NAME PAIRINGSLindy Jaycob (L.J.), ..

How renowned is Lindy?

Lindy is an unusual given name for males but a an extremely prominent surname because that both adults and also children (#42289 out of 150436, height 28%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Lindy entered the perform in 1920-1929 and also reached its greatest position of #938 in the U.S. Then, yet is not discovered in the list at the moment. (TOP infant NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Prominent variation develops of Lindy room Lyndon (#1524 last YEAR), Linden (#1583), Lin, Lindon, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linzy, Lyn and also Lynden. Various other forms, choose Linsey, room uncommon. These relations of Lindy were at the apex of their popularity in the 1950s (AVERAGE #1333) and also are now considerably less common, v the kind Lindsey falling the end of fashion.

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Similar Names

Lindy is alike in pronunciation come Lando, Lindo and Lundy. Various other recommended sound-alike names room Andy, Dandy, Hildy, Laddy, Land, Landry▲, Landyn▲, Lanny▼, Lenny, Linc, Lindal, Lindel, Linder, Lindley, Lindly, Link, Linley, Linly, Linn, Lino, Linos, Linus, Lonny, Nandy, Randy▼, Sandy▼ and also Tandy. These names tend to be more commonly provided than Lindy.