MeaningYah has actually Been GraciousEtymologyFrom (1) the verb חנן (hanan), to it is in gracious, and also (2) יה (yah), the shortened surname of the Lord.Related names• Via חנן (hanan): Ananias, Anna, Annas, Baal-hanan, Ben-hanan, Elhanan, Elonbeth-hanan, Hanan, Hananel, Hanani, Hannah, Hannathon, Hannibal, Hanniel, Hanun, Hen, Henadad, Jannes, Jehohanan, Joanna, Johanan, John, Jonan, Tahan, Tehinnah• Via יה (yah): check out the "browse by form" menu for a lengthy list that yah-names.

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It"s not clear how many different guys named Hananiah there space in the Bible, yet their number is quite large. Likewise taken right into account the the name Hanani is more than likely a truncated kind of our name, the name Hananiah is among the most renowned names in the Bible. In some instances no genealogical data is submitted around someone called Hananiah, and also in that situation he may be the exact same as any type of other Hananiah of that same period. The Hananiahs of the scriptures are:

One the the signers of the sealed document (Nehemiah 10:23).One that the clergymans who play the trumpet throughout the dedication of the restored wall of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 12:41).

Also note that the surname Ananias is probably the Greek version of the Hebrew name Hananiah. The various other candidate is the name ענניה, Ananiah, and the man stems native both this names transliterated in Greek being Ανανια.

The name Hananiah is composed of 2 elements, the last one being יה (Yah) = יהו (Yahu) = יו (Yu), which in turn are abbreviated creates of the Tetragrammaton יהוה, YHWH, or Yahweh.

The very first part of our name comes from the verb חנן (hanan), definition to it is in gracious:


The verb חנן (hanan) method to it is in gracious or come favor. Nouns חן (hen), חנינה (hanina), תחנה (tehinna) and also תחנון (tahanun) mean favor or grace. Adverb חנם (hinnam) method freely or gratis, and adjective חנון (hannun) means gracious.

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For a an interpretation of the name Hananiah, both NOBSE Study bible Name List and BDB Theological thesaurus read Yahweh has Been Gracious. Alfred Jones (Dictionary of Old Testament proper Names) proposes Graciously offered Of The Lord.

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