Origin of the name Dana:

Transferred use of the surname i beg your pardon is of uncertain origin. It may have emerged as a feminine form of Dan, a Hebrew name an interpretation "judge." The surname was popularized by Richard Dana (1815 - 1882), author of two Years before the Mast.

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From A world of baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Adam Amy Braden Brady Cadence Christopher Daniel David Elaine Ember Eric Gabriel Grady jane Kelly Lauren Lisa Matthew Michael Nathan Raymond Ryan Sadie Sara sarah
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Meanings and history of the surname Dana

I have likewise seen the an interpretation "bright as the day" because that this name.

I have actually read somewhere it to be Danish.

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In Arabic "the brightest biggest pearl." In Arabic the is mostly associated with world from The Arabic Gulf together the surname in that an ar has a historic importance because of the truth the people from that an ar were fishermen and also when they catch a “dana” which is really rare lock can adjust from being fishermen to wealthy world . The surname is still famous in eastern Saudi, Kwuait, Bahrain, Emirates, and also Oman. In song either old anglers songs or new songs usually start with what is called “dandana” which way singing the name Dana and it goes prefer “ Ya dan dana ya dana”. The black pearl is referred to as Moza i beg your pardon is a woman name used in the same regions as well.

I constantly heard it to be the female variation of Dane, meaning a Danish person. Probably simply depends on where you room from.

Celtic Mythology - Danu/Dana to be "Mother come the Gods"


Tuatha Dé Danann world of the Goddess Danu

Famous real-life human being named Dana

Dana (born Rosemary Brown), irish singer that Catholic musicDana Delaney, actressDana Plato, actress ("Diff"rent Strokes")Dana Reeve, singer and advocate for the disabledDana Halabi, Lebanese singerDana Wynter (born Dagmar Wynter), German-American actressDana Owens, aka Queen LatifahDana International, Israeli singer and transgender activist that won the Eurovision Song dispute in 1998Dana Ward, an American web display host called ClevverTvDana Carvey, comedian/actor/impressionist/popular SNL castmember

Dana in song, story & screen

Dana Scully, personality in the 1990s television collection "The X-Files", played by Gillian AndersonDana Foster, character in the 1980s televison series "Step through Step""Letter to Dana", a track by Sonata Arctica around a woman named DanaDana, one of the Threehorn pair in The Land before Time VI: The secret of Saurus absent made in 1998Dana Gibson, a character in the early 2000s television collection "According come Jim", played by Kimberly Williams Paisley