Lesson plans deserve to be found in the OneNote notebook included with every Hacking STEM lesson. Every notebook is organized right into the adhering to sections: 

Lesson Overview

The lesson synopsis section contains an development to the activity, a class plan, and the timeframe. Each lesson arrangement includes NGSS and also ISTE standards extended throughout the great plan and background info for educators to learn more about the topic. The timeframe maps the end the argued timeframe for implementing the project in the classroom.


college student Activity

The Student activity section helps carry out students through a rich expertise of the activity. This sections consists of the pages below, as well as others relevant to the certain project.Student advent to immerse students in the paper definition of the project

Instructions for structure the tools

Student newspaper to assist assess students’ prior knowledge while documenting their expertise of great content

Design loop because that engaging college student in the engineering style process

Group duties that affix the task to actual 21st century careers

Vocabulary the addresses the important topics of the lesson

Note: These products are guides for educators come use and also modify as needed so they can produce a personalized lesson plan that fits their learning goals. 


Teacher Resources

These pages in the Teacher resources section should carry out the educator through a rich understanding of the topic, as well as prepare them come teach the lesson from start to finish and also beyond with the opportunity for lesson extensions. The section includes:

Teacher preparation to market advice for efficient implementation

Materials perform for all important items

Printable papers for resources pertained to the lesson

Rubrics come assess college student learning

Lesson extensions for methods to deep dive right into related subject matter


Data Visualization

The last section of each notebook addresses the data visualization element of the class plan.

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Here you’ll find the Data-Streamer user guide and the user guide for the project’s customized Excel workbook.