Do you speak media? Do you feel old when you check out terms, hashtags, or acronyms and also have no idea what they mean? Nobody demands to feel this way.

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It appears like just yesterday the we determined #YOLO meant. And overused it. Remaining on peak of media means staying on height of the slang. Staying on peak of slang way staying associated to her audiences. Here are four ways you deserve to educate yourself:

Ask a younger co-workerAsk her pre-teen nieces (I have four of them)Google your method to gloryRead this blog

Here space 20 media terms you have to prolly recognize (zero referee zone, below BTW) 

AMAAn acronym for “ask me anything,” AMA is a trendy web term used to describe interviewing civilization on Reddit. WON A WEBBY AWARD for our AMA through CSU Professor, temple Grandin.

April Fools’ DayThe day as soon as the world’s most well-known celebrities, favor Jimmy Fallon, sport your college colors and also become your greatest fan.

BuzzfeedThe cool children on the block.

capital lettersOptional.

click bait Using provocative message in order to generate clicks. You’ll never believe what camer the lamb did in a crowd complete of students!!!!!! 

crowdsourcingUnpaid interns are tough to find. I beg your pardon is why crowdsourcing is a great way to share photos taken by world who take it pretty photos of your campus.

ellipsesEllipses are a good way to finish thoughts once you can’t think of an intellectual way to finish…

fire 🔥When something is so exceptionally good, it’s too warm to handle. Like that time we filmed the CSU football team play BeanBoozled. 

GOATAcronym for “greatest of all time.” GOATS encompass icons choose CSU’s president Tony Frank, CSU Alum and Astronaut, Kjell Lindgren.

IDKAcronym because that “I don’t know.” frequently used by me once my team asks what I’m blogging about next month.

pokeSomething we supplied to do on on facebook for fun. Don’t poke anyone anymore, it’s simply creepy. And non-consensual.

RamilyOur wonderful ar of CSU students, alumni, friends, and supporters. Anyone who loves the Rams is component of our Ramily 💚

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shruggieThis excellent emoji, the sorts, deserve to mean anything native IDK come whatever come who knew? It went famous when former CSU media stud, and also current Miami football media stud, Tim Brogdon tweeted the in 2015 after Miami’s football team lateraled eight time to score a game-winning touchdown.

SMHAcronym for “shaking mine head.” generally used by me as soon as our iphone phone gimbal go not occupational properly. media managerA lifestyle, no a task title.

spectacles These elusive Snapchat Spectacles room a pink elephant, a unicorn, an metropolitan legend (unless you’re West Virginia University and also know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy). These pricey sunglasses function a video clip camera with a 115-degree lens to document snaps. It’s like a GoPro for her face… that is, if you’re lucky enough to discover a roving Spectacle Bot vending machine.

squad goalsThis.

slay Something Beyonce does every day. Alternative definition; the act of doing something especially well.

TL;DRAcronym because that “too long; didn’t read.” friend don’t ever want to view this. Store your message simple.

trollFan(s) from her University’s rival college who have actually nothing far better to perform than monitor you and comment around how dumb your short articles are. Or speak to your lamb mascot a Goat. Well, the joke’s on the trolls, our mascot, video camer the Ram, in reality IS the #GOAT.

So there you have actually it. You’re ~ above your way to coming to be a media lingo Ninja.

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