Learning how to ask world “how lock are” in Japanese v “Genki desu ka(げんきですか)”.

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Hey guys, 元気ですか just how are you every today? this day we are going to be looking at just how to use the super typical phrase “genki deus ka(げんきですか)” in Japanese.

Learn the usual Japanese phrase, “Genki desu ka(げんきですか)”

If you are brand brand-new to Japanese learning, then you have most most likely never heard this phrase before. However, if you have actually been discovering for a while and still i can not use heard it, shame on you. This is the bread and butter that Japanese phrases and probably the most popular when It pertains to greetings.

Today we room going to it is in breaking under the origins of the phrase, looking at exactly how to use it in conversation and also then finally, spring at part practice situations that you can use to assist implement that in your very own Japanese right away.

Let’s get into today’s class guys and start learning this super well-known phraase, we can’t wait to share this v you.

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3 that time to practice using the usual Japanese expression 元気ですか Genki desu ka(げんきですか)6 Recommend

So what is 元気ですか Genki desu ka(げんきですか)?

So what is “genki desu ka(げんきですか)”? Well, most world equate this come the English an interpretation “how room you”. Although this is an translate of the phrase, basically it is different. When you ask who in English “How room you” you deserve to have a multitude of answer right? not good, amazing, can be better, as so forth. In Japanese 元気ですか is questioning you specifically if you room “Genki”.

Now Genki method “lively; full of spirit; energetic; vigorous; vital; spirited​” in Japanese. So you space technically questioning “are you full of energy” which is closet to the English phrase, “are friend well?”

Keep this in mind as we move on together there are particular ways to reply to this question. Currently we are going to move on to how you can use the in conversation and additionally how you deserve to reply to this too.

How deserve to I usage 元気ですか Genki desu ka(げんきですか) in my speech?

So how can you start using “genki desu ka” in her speech?

“Genki desu ka(げんきですか)” is used at the very beginning that an communication with someone. Generally after a common greeting like:

おはようございますOhayou GozaimsuGood morningこんにちはKonnichiwaGood dayこんばんはKonbanwaGood EveningOnce the initial phrase is out of the way, you have the right to move ~ above 元気ですか to begin initiating the conversation.

So just how do i reply? well there space a couple of different means that you deserve to come ago to this sentence. Firstly, if you are feeling “genki” you deserve to say, “げんきです” which merely means, “yeah, ns fine”. You could additionally disagree and also say 元気ではない “Genki de wa nai” which way “I’m no fine”.

If you desire to be more casual you can use the following phrases:

元気だよGenki da yoI’m fine元気じゃないGenki JyanaiI’m not fineIf you desire to be even much more formal you can simply simply say 元気? “Genki?” This is to be used much more with friends and family therefore be certain to save that in mind for this reason you nothing offend seniors or civilization you have actually jsut met..

It’s time to practice using the usual Japanese expression 元気ですか Genki desu ka(げんきですか)

So currently we are going come practice exactly how to use the phrase “Genki desu ka(げんきですか)” in actual conversation. Listed below are two basic Japanese conversations. What we desire you to perform is review these to you yourself over and also over again. Native this, friend should try and recreate this scenarios, word for word, in your head, This way, friend will be able to master the use of an easy greeting in Japanese.

Conversation 1:

Person A: こんにちはPerson A: great day!Person B: こんにちはPerson B: great day!Person A: 元気ですかPerson A: Are girlfriend well?Person B: 元気ですPerson B: Yeah, i’m well

Conversation 2:

Person A: こんばんはPerson A: good eveningPerson B: こんばんはPerson B: an excellent eveningPerson A: 元気?Person A: you well?Person B: 元気じゃないPerson B: nope, i"m not!As you can see both of this conversations are various in terms of formality too, for this reason make certain you take it extra treatment in using them in the best situations. Check out them over plenty of times till you internalise them and also then ultimately repeat them back to yourself in her head. You deserve to instantly walk out and have conversation v Japanese world once you have this down also so it is super exciting.

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So guys, this brings us to the finish of today’s online Japanese lesson. We really hope the you took pleasure in the class today and also that you will come earlier again soon to inspect out much more amazing digital Japanese articles from chathamtownfc.net.

As always, if you have any type of questions or content that girlfriend want us to write around please perform not hesitate to gain in touch together we constantly love hearing her ideas. 

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