How to pick the appropriate tires for her lawn mower

There are numerous things to consider when purchase tires for your lawn mower. Tires Size. Tread Design. Ply Rating. Quality. Brand. The list goes on. Getting the best tires for your lawn tractor, zero rotate or walk-behind is an important to obtaining the ideal performance through minimal down time.

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Understanding the size

Getting the best tire dimension is crucial to certain the tires fit on her mower. This wire of numbers found on the sidewall that the tire indicates the size of the tire once it is inflated. Because that instance: 18x8.50-8. The (18) is the overall height of the tire as soon as it is mounted and inflated to factory recommended waiting pressure. The (8.50) is the as whole width of the tire as soon as it is mounted and inflated to encourage air pressure. So, in this case, 8.50 median 8 ½ inch wide. The (8) shows the rim diameter the the tire is going come be an installed to, definition this is one 8-inch wheel. All dimensions are in inches.

You may notification the letters “NHS” after the tires size. This method Non-Highway company or in various other words that is not designed to resist highway speeds.

How to understand what tread design to choose.

Tread design is a an essential factor in making her tire purchase. Over there are many different tread designs accessible and each pattern has actually a certain purpose and the tread you select depends ~ above what terrain you mainly ride on, and which axle you room replacing the tires on.

Front Tires – If you need to replace the front tires and it is not a journey axle, a great choice is a ribbed tire, likewise known together a multi-rib. This tire has circumferential grooves around the tire and also will not damage the grass.

Rear Tires –If traction is not important and also your yard is largely flat, a less aggressive tread architecture will be the best choice for you. If you need traction, tread life and also durability, you’ll want to look in ~ commercial grade, much more aggressive tires v lugs or knobs. These tires room especially great on steep slopes, and most frequently used through landscapers due to the fact that they often tend to critical longer.

Flat totally free Tires – This is one more option for the front tires on many lawn mowers consisting of commercial walk behinds and also zero revolve mowers. These tires space lightweight and don’t include the extra weight foam-filled tires do to your mower. Since of the hole air cavity in the center, they deserve to withstand any kind of debris in the way, there is no leaving friend stranded, saving you time and also money.

What is ply rating?

The ply rating on a tire suggests the operating load the tire have the right to carry. Lawn mower tires generally have among three ply ratings: 2, 4 or 6. The higher the ply number, the greater the load carrying capacities. The reduced the ply rating, the softer the ride yet will be an ext prone come a puncture. Some manufacturers likewise use aramid cord quite than nylon to make their tires also further cut and puncture resistant.

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Still wondering what tire is best for you?

Choosing the right lawn mower tires deserve to be overwhelming, that’s why us are here to help. With hundreds of lawn & garden tires in stock, our tire professionals will aid you select the best tire for her needs. Provide us a call.