1. nvs., White, clear; fair-complexioned person, often favorites at court (Malo 201); shiny, white mother-of-pearl shell.

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Examples:Poʻo kea, towhead, gray-haired person.One kea, white sand .References:PPN tea.

2. n., chest milk.


3. n., A variety of sugar cane, among chathamtownfc.netans among the best-known and also most-used canes, especially in medicine: clumps erect, dense, of tool height; pith white.

Examples:Ua ola ā ʻō kō kea, living until kea cane tassels .References:HP 223–5.

4. n., Name listed by Hillebrand for kolomona (Mezoneuron kavaiense); check out uhiuhi.

5. nvs., Share, together of stocks; stocks. Kuʻu kuleana kea, my shared property.


6. n., Hart, masculine deer.

Related:Also: dea.References:Kanl. 12.15.

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keʻa — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng,

1. Nvt. Cross, crucifix, any kind of crossed piece; main residence purlin; rod connecting canoes the a twin canoe. Fig., to hinder, obstruct, intercept, block; obstruction, barrier; baffled (fig.). Provided idiomatically favor kana 2 and also kaʻe 1: ʻA ʻole i keʻa mai ka hahana wela o kēia lā (Kel. 14), there was no limit to the stifling warmth of this day. Cf. Keʻahakahaka, keʻapaʻa. Hoʻo.keʻa come cross, block, obstruct, hinder. (Probably PPN teka.)

2. N. Hand, as of bananas. (FS 245.)

3. Nvt. Bow, dart; to shoot with bow and also arrow (For. 4:259). (PPN tika, PCP teka.)

4. N. Male pet reserved because that breeding; virile male; sire. Kū ns ke keʻa, choose the sire .

5. Pleurisy. (AP)

kea — Māmaka Kaiao, Haw to Eng,

See kea hoʻopukapuka.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

s. A cross; the type of a cross, viz.; one write-up upright, the various other transverse. See AMANA.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw come Eng,

s. A tightness of the chest attend with an obstacle of breathing; virtually synonymous v pani.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

adj. White. Watch KEO. Pellucid; clear.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

v. Come shoot or throw arrows that sugar-cane. Check out KEAPUA.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

s. Two different places in the thorax: the kea paa was above, the kea hakahaka below; elua kea, o ke kea paa ame ke kea hakahaka.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

s. The surname of a beat of kids with arrows that cane.

2. The surname of a mountain on chathamtownfc.net—Maunakea, white mountain.

3. The surname of the rain or mist in ~ Hana and also at Koolau top top Maui.

4. The name of the semen that males, indigenous the color. See KEAKEA below and KEA, adj.

5. The name of the male unmasculated hog; ina ns kahe ole ia, that kea ia puaa.

6. The name of an office in the king"s train.

KE-A — Andrews, Haw to Eng,

v. Come hinder; to object to. Check out KE, v., and also KEAKEA below.

Kea(kē"-a),adj. — Parker, Haw come Eng,

White, pellucid; clear. Syn: Keo.

Kea(ke"a),n. — Parker, Haw come Eng,

1. A male pet reserved for propagating the kind; male of virile power.

2. A tightness the the chest to visit with an obstacle of breathing.

3. Two various parts that the body; thorax. The kea paa, the chest, the kea hakahaka, the abdomen, elua kea, o ke pea paa ame ke kea hakahaka.

Kea(kē"-a),v. — Parker, Haw come Eng,

To shoot or throw arrows. Check out keapua.

Kea(ke"a),v. — Parker, Haw to Eng,

1. To hinder; to object to.

2. To put throughout so as to intercept.

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