Get all set to find all the things you ever before wanted to know about the an easy French sentence “Je vous en prie”.

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Are had a thorough explanation the what it is and how to usage it in a conversation through an audio example. Yet wait, we additionally sprinkled some valuable informations favor synonym, conversation example, slow-moving pronunciation audio and also more!

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English translation

Artboard 1Translation: You"re welcome

Pronunciation guide

sluggish pronunciation

Normal pronunciation

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International phonetic Alphabet (IPA): / ʒə vuz‿ ɑ̃ pʁi /

What does it mean exactly?


“Je vous en prie” is used an extremely often in daily life and also is one of the most renowned ways come express “You room welcome” in French. The most classic means being “De rien“, so if you have to keep in mind simply one usage “De rien” instead which will occupational in every situation.

The only difference with “De rien” is the “Je vous en prie” expresses a more powerful gratitude and is more formal.

But keep in mind that to sounds like a true French you will need to grasp these variations and use them appropriately depending top top context, whom you room talking to and also how lot you desire to be polite.

Let’s see few examples!

How to use it

A very basic example: you carry out something for someone and also the human says: “Merci” (Thank you). Then you answer: “De rien” (You space welcome) or “Avec plaisir” (My pleasure).

But currently let’s take it the same instance and readjust it a little. The human being who says “Merci” is your boss and you desire to present some extra respect, for this reason you can use instead: “Je vous en prie” (Literally: “I beg the you“).

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Another case: the person is now your sibling/family or a close friend. No must be officially anymore, right? therefore you deserve to use instead: “Pas de quoi” (That’s nothing) or “T’inquiète” (Don’t worry) or “Pas de souci” (No worry).

Finally, imagine you think friend don’t worthy the “Thank you” or friend think the other person is in reality the one to thank. In this situation you deserve to use an expression come redirect the “Merci” towards the various other person. 

Examples: “C’est moi qui te remercie” → “No, ns am the one who thank you” (Informal) or “C’est moi qui vous remercie” (Formal). Other options would be: “Tout le plaisir est to water moi” → “All the satisfied is because that me” (Neutral) or “Merci à toi/vous” → “Thanks come you“. (Informal/Formal)

Check the variations listed below to discover the many appropriated ones concerning to her situation!