Japanese term or phrase:Ja Ne
English translation:Later, view ya, bye

04:03 jan 13, 2002
Japanese come English translations
Japanese ax or phrase: Ja Ne
A fond friend said this come me. I"m curious as to the an interpretation of "ja ne" which I believe is Japanese. Thanks.

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Later, view ya, bye
Explanation:"Ja ne" does not really typical a lot however it is written at the finish of mails or once parting (generally assuming that those parting will fulfill or speak, or compose again). The is casual parting the is only used with friends. Literally the meads something favor "well hey."

Grading commentThank friend so much for help out. I appreciate the quick answer, so as soon as I reply, ns will have the ability to know what the quote means. Thanks!!!-Rachel4 KudoZ points to be awarded because that this price



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Explanation:"Ja ne" does no really mean a lot yet it is written at the end of mails or when parting (generally assuming the those parting will accomplish or speak, or create again). That is an informal parting the is only provided with friends. Literally the meads something choose "well hey." Timothy TakemotoLocal time: 11:22Native speaker of:
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Grading commentThank girlfriend so much for helping out. I appreciate the fast answer, so when I reply, i will be able to know what the quote means. Thanks!!!-Rachel

Explanation:It"s a abrivated type for "Ja mata ato de ne" (Well, watch you later , then), acquisition the initail "ja" and the suffix "ne" and skip the key expression.("Well, later") A very casual method of saying an excellent bye.fk471 (X)PRO pts in pair: 4

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