When I think of Dior, frothy tulle, ornate embellishment, breathtaking round gowns and also that French je ne sais quoi instantly come to mind. Yet one that the brand's greatest symbolisers has to be the most well known perfume, J'Adore. Dior first began producing perfumes to enhance its new fashions in 1947, with miss out on Dior serving together its very an initial scent, i beg your pardon the brand's founder, Christian Dior, adoringly named for his sister, Catherine. However, for countless beauty obsessives, J'Adore is the jewel in Dior Beauty's crown—even if it was released over 50 years later.

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J'Adore has end up being increasingly popular due to the fact that its debut in 1999, however what is the that makes it so iconic? that is fragrance? its bottle? its heritage? us think it's a potent blend of every three.


According come Van der Straeten, the J'Adore party was "designed to enhance the perfume itself and also is a talisman-like object that nestles in the palm that the perfuming hand." No writing appears on the exterior that the bottle, however the surname is discreetly engraved top top the stopper, its absence of branding make it feel all the more luxurious.

Widely considered the most precious of metals, gold—both the colour and the material—are widely used within Dior's fashion and beauty collections. Christian Dior, who offered gold come decorate both gowns and also fragrances, was stated to it is in fascinated by it. However, J'Adore was the very first perfume that observed the brand usage gold for this reason profusely.

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Perhaps one of the perfume's most notable features is that is name. J'Adore is a rarely example amongst fragrance names, together expressions were, and also still to now are, seldom given to perfumes. Christian Dior was recognized to exclaim "j'adore" as soon as he would first see a design in his designs, making this fragrance every the more sentimental and a loving homage come the brand's heritage. 


Since 2004, J'Adore has been personified by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron. The adverts in i beg your pardon she stars—often dripping in beautiful yellow beading—are easily some of the most memorable ever created, specifically in the people of beauty. She and Kate Winslet and also Chrissy Teigen room all claimed to be J'Adore devotees, and it appears so are we. 

Few perfumes are considered as timeless as J'Adore, making it a wise investment for any bathroom vanity. Scroll listed below to shop the iconic fragrance, and also then proceed to peruse the various other exquisite perfumes in Dior's beauty beauty directory.

J'Adore's popularity has actually only grown end the years, as has its fragrance collection. The original perfume has developed in a variety of variants of various concentrations, ensuring there's a J'Adore odor to fit everyone.