Double penetration have the right to be tons of fun if you execute it right. It"s not favor it look at in porn, but with appropriate preparation and expectations, it have the right to be a mind-blowing experience.

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After over 20 hours of study you"ll uncover the finest DP sex enthusiast stories, explanations of how it feeling like, and how you can do it efficiently yourself.


Is twin penetration as great as that looks in the movies?

Or is it only reserved for naughtiest couples v high pain tolerance?

Here"s the finest quick explanation that how double penetration feeling like:

“If you want the truth, the equivalent would be what it feels choose for a guy acquiring head while likewise taking the ideal shit of yourlife.My human body locked up throughout it reason it to be so much an excellent atonce.”

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What Is dual Penetration?

Double penetration usually describes two penises or sex toys put into woman"s body throughout the sex-related intercourse.

Usually it describes vaginal and also anal holes.

While orally additionally technically counts as dual penetration, that"s not what human being usually mean.

It"s recommended for beginners to start with smaller butt plugs or simply finger (with condom on it or glove for hygiene) in the butt.

Or even safer for mrs is to shot it an initial with dildos prefer a bad dragon dildo and butt plug through herself…

The ultimate dual penetration is during threesome — two guys, one lady.

That"s what we"ve seen in the adult movies…and that"s the kink that some want to experience as soon as they mean double penetration…

Here"s video actually questioning the question around DP to pornstars. An extremely interesting insights:


What Does double Penetration feel Like?

To me it felt like simply something different, exciting, kinky…

And since of that it to be super arousing and also sexy — it was an extremely hard not to orgasm quickly due to the fact that of every excitement.

Both for me and also my partner — us loved it because we took our time.

I assumption: v that"s the greatest downside to DP and anything anal related — if you desire it to it is in pleasurable, it"s gonna take time to open butt because that receiving.

And if you require to get the 3rd partner, there space the logistics that it.

But as somebody smart has actually said:where there is will, there is a way.

Here"s other human being descriptions of sensations of DP:

“It’s a an extremely intense emotion of fullness, edging top top pain. Relies on partners, and also your level of relaxation.”

Source: Nixie_D

“It’s impressive .. A toy and also my partner.

I would only suggest it if you enjoy anal.

Otherwise nothing just try it directly away…”



“Double penetration is okay.”

“I’ve excellent it a few times with various partners, and also would introduce it to anyone curious about it, provided the appropriate partners.

That said, it to be fun, pleasurable, however not yes, really great.

It is a little bit awkward to traction off, and the activity with the human being on bottom is usually rather restricted.

I choose using a vibe during sex, which is harder come do during DP.

As far as what it feels like, it’s usually like having anal and also vaginal sex at the exact same time.

There room a the majority of nerve end in both areas and also can be an extremely pleasurable, yet if the guy in the back is too large for you (or girlfriend aren’t properly prepared to take it him) it have the right to hurt.

Otherwise that feels good and has the added mental turn on of being taken by two men (as long as their perspective is in synch v mine).

It’s additionally important the the male partners room comfortable having actually sex near each other.

They can not be placed off by having actually their legs rub up versus another dude’s hairy legs.

They have to be prepared to have an additional man’s challenge 2 or 3 feet far from your own, watching him do fuck faces, listening to him moan and also groan.

Also, they have to be comfortable feeling one more man’s cock rubbing against their very own through the slim layer that skin that separates the anus and the vagina.

If you want to recognize what it feels like, have your companion use her finger or a tiny dildo on her ass while giving you a hand project or a punch job.

Anal stimulation in conjunction through genital stimulation is quite pleasurable, as lengthy as you use plenty that lube and also don’t take in more than you can handle.”

Source: Anonymous


“I love dual penetration. “

“It regularly happens when I to be on peak of one man and other men enter me indigenous behind.

I have additionally been twin penetrated as soon as on mine side and also one man is in front of me and another is behind me.

I have had actually two males (one vaginally, the various other anally) and also I have had two men (in vagina) in ~ the same time.

This is the fullest you have the right to feel.

And it feels amazing.

All the men who have actually ever dual penetrated me have actually wanted to carry out it again.

They to speak it feels tremendous to them, too.

If that feels as great for them as it does for me, I can see why.”


DP Sex experience with third Person

“Last April ns (20 Female) and also my for this reason (22 Male) brought our friend (19 Male) home with united state from a party.”

“We’d debated it before and also had to be flirting for months.

When we got home, us jumped right in bed. I started offering them both handjobs and alternative blowjobs.

After a the majority of touching and moaning, I focused my mouth on ours friend and my SO began warming up mine ass.

He slid into me and also I moaned with my mouth full with our friend’s cock.

I then climbed on peak of our friend and rode that while my SO tried to continue to be in mine ass, however we couldn’t do that place work.

So, i laid down on height of my SO with his cock in mine ass and also our friend went to town fucking me.

It to be by much the most intense perma-gasm i have ever before experienced.

Then, as formerly discussed, they both pulled out and came on my face.

It was absolutely glorious.

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I can not wait to have two cocks pounding away within of me again.

Double penetration had been a fantasy the mine due to the fact that I was around 15 watching porn, but let me tell you, that night was so far past how an excellent it look at in porn…I don’t also have words…”