Queen Elizabeth II has actually done part incredible points in she lifetime, but last week significant a how amazing debut: She posted her an initial Instagram ever. The subtitle wasn"t together informal together we had hoped—this is tho the Queen that England after all (no tune lyrics or hashtags to view here)—but it to be a touching short article nonetheless, reflecting a letter indigenous Charles Babbage, "the world"s an initial computer pioneer," created to her great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert. She even had a signature: Elizabeth R.

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The tradition of signing with the initial R goes ago centuries because that English monarchs, and later British majesties (after good Britain to be formed complying with the action of Union combining the kingdoms the England and also Scotland in 1707), follow to royal historian and also Royal Musings founder Marlene Koenig.

"It designates the authority of the sovereign," Koenig tells BAZAAR.com via email. "You will find the usage of "R" together far ago as Henry ns . That is just how they authorize all main documents, and also formal letters, etc." however when the Queen writes to family and friends, she indications with the endearing nickname "Lilibet," Koenig adds.


However, there were some exceptions. "When Victoria became Empress that India, she signed together "Victoria RI" (Rex Imperator) and the british sovereign provided this until India ended up being independent ~ the 2nd World War," Marlene adds.

Sometimes consorts, couple of the sovereign, have additionally incorporated "R" right into their signatures, follow to Koenig. For example, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the wives the George V and George using respectively, provided the regal initial.


King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s signatures in a guest book from 1939.
However, Prince Philip, the husband that Queen Elizabeth II, has actually been recognized to simply sign v his first name.


The Queen and Prince Philip’s signatures in the guest book of royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne from October 2011.
When Prince Charles, the following in line because that the throne, i do not care king, he"ll likely also sign v "R" and so will Prince wilhelm after him. Exactly how does "Charles R" or "William R" sound?

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