Sometimes as soon as collaborations show off a big-name artist and an up-and-coming singer, the pairing can be a little more contrived than organic. Yet in Morgan Wallen’s instance for his latest single "Up Down,"which featuresFlorida Georgia Line, the team-up was just a good-time hang among friends.

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After Wallen met the FGL men a couple of year ago, that knew there was a unique friendship in store. With similar small-town upbringings, the 24-year-oldinstantly clicked through the guys and also they’ve since toured and written together. Yet somehow, the believed of collaborating never struck till someone else brought a track to them.

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“Up Down” was written by Wallen’s ideal friend Michael durable -- a songwriter that wrote the track v Brad Clawson and CJ Solar -- i m sorry is exactly how it finished up in his hands. Instantly falling in love through the song, Wallen dubbed up Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler ha to check out what he and bandmate Brian Kelley believed -- not really given that they’d join forces for it.

“He to be like, ‘Man why don’t we simply go "head and hop ~ above there, would certainly you it is in OK with that?" I said ‘Uh, yeah,’” the recalls through a laugh. “Kinda in the very same light the Luke Bryan did a tune with them early in your careers, they said they wanted to salary it forward.”

Obviously record a song with one of country music’s most well known pairs to be a no-brainer because that Wallen, however he was much more excited about singing a tune with Hubbard and also Kelley that they can all relate to. Being from Sneedville, Tennessee, Wallen knows a point or two around BFE(slang for center of nowhere), together the song references in the chorus’ opened line:“We’re simply holdin" that downhere in BFE.”

“I’m proud i’m from Sneedville, and also I definitely consider that BFE,” the laughs. “I still have actually a lot of family over there, therefore no matter where i go in life I’m constantly gonna remember those times cultivation up end there and be proud the that. I know Tyler and feel the very same way.”

Their closeness come the song’s topic is a significant reason because that why “Up Down” works so well through all three of the males on it, yet Wallen suggests that the fact that they were merely just having a good time record it might be the greatest reason of castle all. Their similar “swampy” --as Wallen calls it --sounds additionally made because that a perfect pairing, allowing Wallen to mesh his old soul with his love of southerly rock.

Although Wallen admits that still doesn’t have actually a specific goal in mind for what he desires to sound like as an artist, that felt “Up Down” to be a great follow-up to his twangy breakout hit “The means I Talk,” regardless of even if it is he had actually a superstar duo ~ above the track.

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“I’m every for a an excellent slow song and also I love all various kinds of music,” the says. “But in my career ideal now, ns trying to develop a fanbase who wants to come have actually a great time and also party v me at my shows and also to where everybody deserve to have a great time. Not to say the a slow-moving song won’t perform that, yet that’s simply the kinda vibe ns trying to produce at the moment.”

The party vibe Wallen desire is precisely what renders him and also the FGL men such a great match, miscellaneous that ended up being even an ext apparent when they hit the roadway together last year. Few of their downtime top top the road was invested writing together, and also one the the sessionsresulted in what is nowJason Aldean"slatest single, "You do It Easy."

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Writing songs with FGL has actually helped Wallen acquire confidence in being unapologetically self in his very own songwriting, which allowed them come vibe turn off each various other the means they execute singing on “Up Down.” though they didn’t create this particular song together, it"sjust as representative of that they room as any song they penned. And also as Wallen, Hubbard and Kelleywatch "Up Down"continue to climb up (not down) the nation charts -- together of the Feb. 24-dated charts, it’s in ~ No. 23 on country Airplay and also just broke the optimal 20 ~ above Hot country Songs at No. 19, Wallen’s highest peaks ~ above the charts yet -- Wallen can’t aid but feel thankful for the means their friendship has actually turned right into a career-defining moment for him.

“It’s simply a clever song around having a great time. Me and also the males love what the track talks about,” the says. “I want people to know that it was just some buddies that ended up liking the same song, it was not a politics favor. Hopefully it’s simply the start of a cool ride.”