How i Met Your mother Overview

Other than a polarizing ending, pan absolutely adore sitcom/drama/romance (Netflix classifies it as plenty of things) How ns Met her Mother (HIMYM) because that its hilarious adventures and also surprisingly engaging drama. Transparent the show, us watch protagonist Ted Mosby and also his four finest friends tackle and also overcome a variety of problems, cheering for our 5 heroes the entire journey.

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That is, until we realize among Ted's finest friends, Barney Stinson, is one of the sleaziest civilization imaginable. Spoiler ahead.


Barney Stinson

Played through talented gibbs Neil Patrick Harris, Barney quickly came to be a pan favorite for his to chat catchphrases (Suit up, legen—wait for it—dary, etc.), covert depths (dude has daddy issues), and also charm. Some compare that to fellow womanizer-with-a-heart-of-gold Joey from Friends, and in spite of Barney's wild antics and also over-the-top breakthroughs on women, his friends constantly laugh it off—hey, it's just an excellent ol' Barney fooling around, right?

Wrong. When we overlook the laugh track and actually research Barney's cheat behavior, we shortly realize he's precisely the type of guy you don't desire your daughter come encounter. Heck, even ideal friend Marshall has a dreadful vision that Barney pursuing Marshall's theoretical daughter in her teenage years.

To really view what ns mean, let's examine 6 creepy revelations around Barney Stinson!


6. That Constantly Deceives Women

First things first. If you've seen any type of of the show, you recognize Barney will do nearly anything to acquire in bed with a women—and then leave after the action as quickly as possible. Listed below are several of his most outrageous actions to meet this purpose:

He poses together his very own evil twin, the Prince of Norway, the owner the Google, and also Neil Armstrong.He takes a woman to a campsite the end in the woods, steals her truck, and leaves her as a be affected by each other attacks.He convinces a woman he only has twelve hours to live.

Note that Barney frequently deceives women by pretending come be an additional person. You can not think much of it until you realize this constitutes a crime dubbed "rape through deception," where sexual consent is received, but only through lies and fraudulent actions. Ring any kind of bells?


5. He records Women without Consent

Chief amongst Barney's crime is videotaping his several one-night stands in ~ his apartment. That course, sex tapes are completely legal—if both next consent. Anything else is a serious crime.

Stephanie's LawTake the real-life story the Michael Piznarski, that secretly tape-recorded a heated encounter through his then-girlfriend. After ~ they damaged up, Piznarski post the video online (another no-no) and the police raided his apartment, finding recordings of miscellaneous sexual nights through multiple clueless women. This breaks a statute dubbed "Stephanie's Law," which just states friend cannot document or transfer a person undressing or in a sexual act without your permission.

PunishmentsFor his actions, Piznarski to be labeled a sex offender and sentenced to a few years in prison. And also guess wherein this all occurred? new York—where HIMYM take away place. That's right, Barney could really well it is in incarcerated if any type of of his victims found the tapes and also charged him.

Barney not just secretly records women, but actively lies around it if questioned—like once one that his hook-ups request if the camera's eco-friendly light supposed it to be on (duh), which the denied.


4. The Steals Marshall's day (Three Times)

In Season 2, episode 2 (The Scorpion and also the Toad), Marshall do the efforts to day other females to assist get end Lily, who left the to pursue an art regimen in one more state. Having dated Lily because that nine years, Marshall needs aid with flirting, and also Barney supplies to take it him the end and help his endeavors.

Strike OneSo what's the first thing that happens? Marshall awkwardly talks to a girl, just to have Barney swoop in and also captivate her through charm and also magic tricks, ultimately taking she home. Thanks, pal. Later, Barney also mentions the girl declared were it not for him, she probably would have actually gone house with Marshall. Sure, this a minor character who never ever returns, yet Barney walk the one thing a wingman must never do—steal the human his girlfriend is interested in.

Strikes Two and also ThreePlus, (in the very same episode) Barney does the specific same thing once Marshall falters v the next girl. And also then, as soon as Marshall manages to effectively talk to one woman in a collection of twins, Barney lies to Marshall, saying both twins want Barney. We find out this is a fabrication, together both the girl and Marshall prefer each other, however Barney (too obsessed with having actually a threesome) deceives both parties and splits castle up. Seriously, think around how foolish you would be if a close girlfriend did that to you.


3. He access time on Ted's Mother

Giving a whole new an interpretation to the words how I Met your Mother, Barney continuously pursues Ted's divorce mother, Virginia Mosby. The two also kiss once Barney picks her up from the airport. Virginia at some point marries a various man, one act that disturbs Barney so much he cries at your wedding.

Do i really need to describe this one? Barney frequently asserts he's Ted's ideal friend, however finds it acceptable to check out his mother as a sexual object. And like the vast majority of guys, Ted isn't cool with this, also smashing a hole in his wall with a sledgehammer upon discovering their kiss. Of course, this isn't the just line Barney crosses v Ted...

2. He Sleeps v Ted's Ex

You might argue either means whether Robin goes better with Ted or Barney, as the show offers evidence to both. After ~ all, Robin is one of very couple of women Barney respects and (mostly) treats together a person, no a sex-related release.

Yet nobody of that changes Barney's breaking of his self-called "Bro Code," a set of guidelines for friends to follow. Cook of i m sorry is thou shalt not sleep v thy friend's ex, a mantra many of us understand without a silly code from a sitcom.

Nonetheless, Barney has sex v with Ted's ex Robin (after she went through a poor breakup and was emotionally vulnerable—of course), an action that creates a huge rift Ted and Barney. Together we later on learn, Ted and Robin tho harbor feelings because that one another, additional complicating the situation. Ted at some point forgives Barney, a testament to his sort nature, but this however again mirrors Barney's lack of regard because that his friend's feelings.

1. He access time on Marshall's Wife

Guys, friend should currently know it's not cool to set sights on a taken girl also if you don't know her boyfriend. However despite Barney's near friendship v both Marshall and also Lily, the constantly flirts with and also makes lewd comments towards her (which she doesn't enjoy). These remarks don't stop upon Marshall and Lily's marriage, and also Barney provides no an enig of the reality that he'd bed Lily if possible. Here's a quick list the his most inappropriate actions:

He desperately searches for a sex ice of Marshall and Lily upon finding out of that is existence.He disguises himself together a doctor, attempting to research Lily naked in a checkup.He finds pleasure in payment Lily (who was struggling for funds together Marshall) to repaint him naked.

Barney never effectively woos Lily, so us overlook these instances together light-hearted shenanigans, however really stop and also think about how you'd feeling if your best friend tried come sleep through your spouse.

Fan Reception

How could fans disregard or miss all this incidents? Well, many are played for laughs, and also Barney does some genuinely nice things throughout the show, yet only because that his friends—he dreadful mistreats the ladies he comes across.

Plus, we're supposed to idolize Barney. He has a sweet job, piles that money, he's an excellent with women, well-dressed, quick-witted, and somehow manages come keep 4 decent world as his ideal friends. That's a life many, especially us guys, would certainly love, causing us come inadvertently respect rather than despise Barney. And we rather forgive him because that his trespasses due to the fact that we watch the daunting issues he challenged growing up, prefer an lacking father and the abuse experienced from his first girlfriend.

Still, behind the high fives, jokes, and also suits lies a shattered person who spreads much more misery than pleasure throughout the civilization he inhabits.

Questions & Answers

Question: have actually you viewed the whole series? Barney took Marshall's dates since he want him come be v Lilly i m sorry is why he's the one the carried her back to new York. Also, he simply wanted her to repaint him naked, it had actually nothing to do with her specifically.

Answer: have you given this thought? Sure, Barney's actions regarding stealing Marshall's day turn out to be more well-intentioned than we initially believed, however they're still much from ideal because they essentially force a decision ~ above Marshall--to get back with Lilly or be solitary indefinitely.

Sure, Lilly and also Marshall end up together, make us somewhat forgive Barney because that wanting them to pair back up, however they almost didn't, and also had either of them preferred not come rekindle things, Barney was really possibly sabotaging Marshall's brand-new life (and happiness) without consent. That's absolutely not how I'd desire my girlfriend to show support for me after a breakup; Robin it s her (the woman that married Barney) admits the she has doubts around him because even his "good" plot revolve roughly deception (like his proposal come her).

As because that the painting, I an extremely much doubt Barney didn't have pleasure from having actually his friend's wife (who that flirts through constantly) carry out the act, but even if you're right, that's a tiny defense that doesn't pardon the other transgressions.

Question: Why carry out you hate Barney? It's just a sitcom!

Answer: easy there. No one claimed I dislike Barney. Just due to the fact that it isn't genuine doesn't typical the border of his actions in ~ the fictional world aren't despicable.

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Neil on august 05, 2018:

Barneys perspective to ladies is a defence after having his heart damaged by Shannon . Prior to Shannon cheating and also lying come him he to be a virgin conserving himself because that marriage and planned to join the peace corps

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana ~ above April 30, 2018:


There room many issues with your arguments, start with your numerous errors ("It's mater revealed the dies") and extending come your insurance claims that utilizing makeup is akin to stealing someone's identity.

That "popular theory" is interesting, but not one i buy into. First, Future Ted admits when he's psychic something wrong or editing it. Then, if Future Ted's goal to be to discredit Barney, he'd leave out the several semi-redeeming moments that Barney has throughout the series, which the most definitely didn't do.

J on April 30, 2018:

Oh also, he didn't dress up to examine Lily naked the did the to make Marshall pat laser tag through him. He never tried to examine Lily. Clock the illustration again please.

J on April 30, 2018:


So around the recordings? It's mater revealed he dies tell the ladies they're being recorded and also photographed before they leave and makes a scrapbook and even offers to sell them a copy.

He to be dropping Virginia at the airport not picking she up and also she came onto him as soon as he to be nervous.

Robin bedded Barney and everyone claims it's his fault. Clock it again and also it's obvious that she used him for support and also tore him out of the group with her very own guilt through lying to Barney about keeping it an enig snd telling Ted herself prior to Barney could.

Barney hitting top top Lily might seem over the line yet is popular banter and the paint was naught sex connected he was literally payment an artist and also he did not sue them because that stealing his money once she provided him "The Ken Doll" and also refused to repaint his junk if you paid attention.

Deception : any woman the wears a pushup bra and makeup need to be arrested because that deception by the logic. That falsified his identification multiple time sure however he wasn't law anything illegal by NY State Law. Serious look it up.

Also because that the entirety thing abiut stealing dates, the stole lock to gain Marshall bsck through Lily and sure that seems favor he required the decision on them yet he did them a vast favour and also spent oodles of money top top making that happen. If they made decision not to rekindle things he important woild have helped Marshall yet in the scenario, he was a wingman because that Lily, he to be wing manning their relationship to acquire them back together.

Also a renowned theory : Ted is the unreliable dickbag informing the story to obtain permission fro his youngsters to bone Robin again. Barney was his huge romantic rival once it pertains to Robin therefore every seemingly infamous Barney cons is simply a fib, an exaggerated lie for this reason the children think it's okay for Ted to day a woman that isn't simply his own and Barney's ex but his EX WIFE!

andrea top top February 24, 2018:

He pretends to be a medical professional to give women breast examines

He make a joke he may have sold a woman into the human trafficking

He tricked a blind woman he was Sean Connery

He gained a woman arrest once left in house he go not own she to be arrest because that trespassing

Jeremy Gill (author) indigenous Louisiana top top December 16, 2017:

Ted is no a decent person

I think it's safe to assume the what Ted's youngsters actually heard was different than what us did. Would they yes, really sit for 30+ hours? as well as that, Ted's principles is a subject for an additional day.

Why execute you require my name?

6) I'm no legitimate expert, but the study I've done suggests it doesn't have to be a far-ranging other.

5) common ground, glad to see it.

4) Admittedly, Barney's intentions were later on revealed to be far better than we thought, however his approaches are still questionable. Why not just tell Marshall what he yes, really thought and spare that the humiliation?

2 & 3) It's not around the women's freedom of choice, it's about Barney's absence of respect because that actions he knows will certainly upset his best friend. Heck, you recognize these to be selfish actions.

Why execute you require my name? on December 15, 2017:

6)That doesn’t yes, really qualify together rape through deception (aka rape by fraud), i beg your pardon in all says that I understand of calls for that you room impersonating the victims significant other. Pretending to it is in Neil Armstrong would be tantamount to utilizing an alias, and there is no law versus that.

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5)The recordings are certainly creepy and illegal, probably the worst point he does.

4)In season 2 episode 19 the is revealed that Barney stealing this girls was component of his do the efforts to obtain Marshall and Lily ago together, pay fist to what he claims to Lily in mountain Francisco, “I can’t keep stealing girl from Marshall forever”

3&2) While yeah this is a cock move, Virginia and also Robbin are both totally free to do every little thing they want through whoever lock want, they space not beholden to Ted

Ted is no a kind person ~ above December 13, 2017:

Ted is a creep. I beg your pardon sick human being tells your teenage kids the story (extremely well detailed) of how he banged assorted women and then speak about maybe their mother for 10-15 episodes only to hint the he's still in love with his ideal friend's ex-wife 15 FREAKING years later?

Also, at the very least Barney adjusted for Robin, Ted was a sick creep who couldn't let go of Robin ~ 15 years also though the entire present hinted the they were not expected to be. Also, ever wonder how he conveniently had actually what he most wanted (kids) and then Robin, since Robin couldn't have them?

jake top top November 01, 2017:

yea, barney had some moments, yet anyone who stops and really thinks have the right to see he's slime