Anoche in equates in English come “last night” or “yesterday evening.” but what about antes de anoche? and does la noche pasada really exist?

In this blog post, you’ll learn all around how come talk about anoche in in addition to other time-related paragraph that allude to both specific and general moments in the past.

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To aid boost your grammar skills in describing the past, ok cover two key past tense in


And i’ll be sure to aid you recognize the distinction conjugations and uses of each tense. In ~ the end, I’ll carry out some exercises for you to review your new knowledge.


Anoche vs la noche pasada

While you’re stating last week’s goings-on, you’re rapid to use the phrase la semana pasada—which is exactly why you may have actually fallen victim to a usual error: speak la noche pasada to mean “last night.” The fact is, this phrase does no exist. While the meaning is definitely understandable, the would likely take a indigenous speaker a minute or 2 to record what you’re definition to say.


When you desire to talk about last night, friend use words anoche in

Using ante and antes de

Both ante and also antes de median “before” in, but you use them in various ways. Let’s take it a look:

Ayer (yesterday) i do not care anteayer (the day prior to yesterday)

Anoche (last night) i do not care antes de anoche (the night before last)

In the instance above, ante is a prefix that attaches come ayer and other nouns to adjust their meaning.

In the example of antes de anoche, we have to dig a bit additional in ours explanation:

While “last night” in English is a combination adjective (last) + noun (night), offers a solitary noun (anoche) to define the moment. Due to the fact that “anteanoche” does no exist together a word, girlfriend will usage the formula antes de + noun, i m sorry in this situation becomes antes de anoche.

To summarize:

AnocheLast night

Antes de anocheThe night before last


AnteayerThe day prior to yesterday

PRO TIP! The brief version the anteayer exists as antier and also is a common alternative in Mexico and main America.

More Time Expressions and Past state in

Along v anoche in, we’ve acquired plenty much more time expressions and also past terms to cover. Once you desire to talk about last week, last month or last year, these phrases will execute the trick.

La semana pasadaLast week

El lunes pasadoLast Monday

El mes pasadoLast month

El año pasadoLast year

2 past Tenses: an example of an example vs Imperfect

The two most typical previous tenses enable you come specify the length and also duration of one action. The preterite tense describes completed actions, while the imperfect tense describes an action that has happened continuously, or the is habitual and also ongoing.

We’ll likewise explore how create words, such as anoche in, fit right into the usage of these two tenses.

Preterite it s too dirty in

The preterite tense denotes completed actions. These can be recurring or single actions however they all have actually concrete beginnings and also ends.

The preterite is similar to the English simple past tense, where we include the suffix “-ed” come the end of the verb. In, the consistent verb end -ar, -er, -ir room switched by suffixes that agree v the pronoun.

constant Verb: cantar PronounPreterite it s too dirty of cantar
Él, ella, ustedcantó
Ellos, ellascantaron

Check the Beginner’s overview to the previous Tense to gain a thorough lesson on exactly how to conjugate the three types of verb in the an example of an example tense:


As for irregular verbs, friend will should memorize them together they nothing follow predictable patterns. One such verb is caber (meaning, “to fit”) which has drastic changes, including from cabes (“you fit,” existing tense) to tú cupiste (“you fit,” past tense).

rarely often rare verb: caber PronounPreterite it is too dirty of caber
Él, ella, ustedcupo
Ellos, ellascupieron

Hand-picked because that you: Irregular an example of an example Verbs.

Preterite cause Words

Anoche in is one of the preterite cause words the exist. This words or phrases need the usage of the an example of an example tense. Few of these phrases nothing express a identified time range but a more general one.

1. Una vez – one time / as soon as

Una vez me subí a un caballo.Once, I got on a horse.

2. El otro día – the various other day

El otro día by means of a Alberto.The other day I experienced Alberto.

3. En ese momento – at that moment

Quise irme en ese momento.I want to leaving at that moment.

4. Desde el momento – from the moment

Trabajé desde el momento en que me gradué.I worked from the moment I graduated.

5. Entonces – climate

Entonces, through una luz.Then, I experienced a light.

Imperfect past Tense in

The imperfect previous tense is commonly used for ongoing, habitual or steady actions, and also people’s states and also ages in the past. In English, you can express them v the assist of auxiliary verbs favor “have been” or “used to.”

consistent -AR verb: cantar PronounImperfect it is too dirty of cantar
Él, ella, ustedcantaba
Ellos, ellascantaban
continuous -ER verb: conocer PronounImperfect tense of conocer
Él, ella, ustedconocía
Ellos, ellasconocían
Imperfect trigger Words

The imperfect previous tense additionally has create words and also phrases that denote the continuous or habitual top quality of the action. Here are some instances you have the right to use come express the imperfect past tense:

1. A veces – sometimes

A veces nos veíamos en el parque.Sometimes, we supplied to watch each other at the park.

2. A menudo – often

A menudo salía a callar a los perros.I regularly went the end to silence the dogs.

3. Mientras – while

Hice la tarea mientras comía.I did mine homework while i was eating.

4. Siempre – always

Siempre llevaba dinero.I constantly carried money.

5. Nunca – never

Nunca salía de noche.I never ever went the end at night.

Preterite vs Imperfect Examples

We have actually covered from exactly how to usage anoche in to plenty of examples of just how the preterite and also imperfect tense are different from every other. Let’s compare them straight so you deserve to see how also the interpretations of verbs change when provided in the two tenses.

Conocí a tu hermano. (I met your brother.)Conocía a tu hermano. (I provided to understand your brother.)
Pudimos graduarnos. (We were able come graduate.)Podíamos graduarnos. (We can graduate.)
Me vieron comer temprano. (They observed me eating early.)Me veían comer temprano.

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(They watched me eat early.)

Practice makes Perfect

If friend feel ready to put into practice what you’ve learned, shot the Preterite and Imperfect Reading and also Practice in Story type where you will certainly see past tense instances put together right into one story. This will increase your vocabulary and get you provided to reading conjugations. If you’d fairly fill in the blanks and compare your results to the answer key, placed your an abilities to a test v these an example of an example vs Imperfect 25 digital Exercises.But remember! over there is nothing favor practicing the use of anoche in through speaking v a skilled teacher! Homeschool Academy uses courses for all ages, K-12, and also adults with a tailored curriculum to accomplish your needs. Because that high institution students, we also offer credit transaction that have the right to transfer! try us out for free and authorize up to exercise with among our indigenous speakers native Guatemala. Ours certified teachers to visit over 24,000 monthly student worldwide.